Chris Weidman vs. Gegard Mousasi | UFC 210 HIGHLIGHTS

Chris Weidman vs. Gegard Mousasi | UFC 210 HIGHLIGHTS

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Watch highlights of the UFC 210 fight between Chris Weidman and Gegard Mousasi.

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20 Responses

  1. RingzOfCarnifex says:

    chris is getting exposed in his last fight.
    more lucky than skillful imo he proved that tonight tryna bait illegal knees from mousasi instead of fighting back

  2. The real Coach Edmund says:

    I think we’re better off with mma being illegal in New York

  3. Entertainment Attorney says:

    When you fake an injury to get someone disqualified and it ends up blowing back in your face. I like this decision, cheap tricks don’t always work.

  4. Elite Exposure says:

    Weidman and Belfort needs to go to Bellator so we can see TRT belfort again.

  5. mareeyo1 says:

    This is still my boy!!!!!!

  6. Helter Skelter says:

    what a mess, all knees should be legal. This a fighting sport, not golf

  7. GalaxyZ says:

    Weidman was having Yoel flashbacks.

  8. TheJking85 says:

    I’m amazed that Chris Weidman didn’t also retire after this fight. LOL!

  9. nemanja milosevic says:

    Protecting yourself from knees by rules and putting your fingertips on the mat is one of the bitchiest moves there is.
    Playing deadly injured so that your opponent gets disqualified and get a win like that is THE bitchiest move there is.
    I am glad he lost and it should be treated as a loss.

  10. Chris G says:

    kenny “butthurt” florian

  11. Zirk Kriz says:

    Implement PrideFC rules, problem solved! Weidman tried to pull off what Koschek did against Paul Daily, fake being injured. Glad it backfired on him. Showed his true colors.

  12. Joe Mamma says:

    Weidman has lost to Rockhold, Romero and now Mousasi in brutal fashion. time to hang it up, Chris.

  13. Xavier Gonzalez says:

    Is it me or does it seem like Weidman can only defeat washed up fighters?

  14. EyezOpen The Young God King says:

    Dan Miragliota will be the 1st referee to ever be tested by USADA

  15. Advocate471 says:

    God forbid they get the call right Kenny!

  16. Cloopster says:

    Chris was slurring his words.. Poor guy need to go back to the dark room (photosensitivity) after that concussion

  17. CrucialConflict says:

    Weidman vs CM Punk next, winner gets a title shot. xD

  18. Preston Vaughan says:

    If Weidman gets a rematch, make it 5 rounds for the Mous!

  19. Trapperjohn1000 says:

    Chris was bending over like he was trying to touch his toes…. To avoid getting kneed. Dude tried to work the system and loss.

  20. Julio Barbosa says:

    This match should be a no contest

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