Chrissy Teigen Gets Drunk on Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Chrissy Teigen Gets Drunk on Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Chrissy Teigen kicks off Hot Ones Season 7 in dramatic fashion, taking one of the most unorthodox approaches we’ve seen yet to the wings of death. As she licks her way through the all-new hot-sauce lineup, the cookbook author, model, and entrepreneur discusses her most memorable Twitter wars, recommends the turkey leg at Medieval Times, and breaks down a no-fail recipe for Thai ribs. Watch the epic meltdown, and check out Chrissy’s new book, Cravings: Hungry for More.

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72 Responses

  1. First We Feast says:

    DEBATE: Which is the most intense hot sauce experience: Mainlining sauces off a spoon (Rachael Ray), dousing wings in sauce and licking them clean (Chrissy Teigen), or cleaning wings to the bone (Gary V, et al)?

  2. PhiladelphiaE says:

    How many nuts is she hiding in her cheeks for the winter?

  3. Landed Gravy says:

    Shout out to Christina Applegate.

  4. Michelle Tsang says:

    I petition that we have Chrissy Teigen’s Mom on the show to taste the hot sauces

  5. Adam Shipley says:

    She looks like she’s wearing the napkins

  6. Diego N says:

    Yo, her sucking on the win is going to be a meme πŸ’€πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  7. Steve says:

    … But she didn’t pit the avocado…

  8. C Mac says:

    Why she looking like the Predator in the thumbnail?

  9. Sam Lee says:

    I was skeptical at first… but after watching this video… top 5 for sure, respect to Chrissy Teigen. She held her own.

  10. yandermomy says:

    she looks like an oblivion npc

  11. OPEN MIND says:

    Yes! Nutella and Milky Ways suck!

  12. Simeon Williams says:

    All these sound effects remind me of the Shane Dawson documentary

  13. Jem Stone says:

    Im 100% okay with how shes progressing. 1. Its hot as sauce. 2. Shes probably hurting herself more than actually eating.

  14. LNxTCB says:

    *Sean β€œI’m gonna bounce some things off of you” Evans*

  15. miss.understood says:

    Some of the ppl that come on and say that “they are so good with hot sauce” just take even the smallest of bites…licking/sucking so much of the sauce off would coat her WHOLE mouth with it…a bite of the actual wing would have helped her so much and how “full” would she gave gotten, she played herself but she’ll be remembered for it, did it completely different than anyone else, shes hard core, respect !!

  16. UP2REP206 says:

    get snoop dogg on here !

  17. Armando Perales says:

    Chrissy Teigen deep throats wings on Hot Ones

  18. LoganHex says:

    Nardwuar for season finale!

  19. Miss K says:

    You know who I would love to see, Ryan Reynolds.

  20. phuckinme says:

    The real question is why hasn’t Gordon Ramsay been on here an why does no one ask for any ranch dipping

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