Christina Aguilera – Fall In Line (Lyric Video) ft. Demi Lovato

Christina Aguilera – Fall In Line (Lyric Video) ft. Demi Lovato

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53 Responses

  1. Kent Modio says:

    Currently at No. 8 in the iTunes US Chart.

    Already reached No. 1 in other countries.

  2. *GIRL POWER* says:


    • Sergey Gerash4enko says:

      *GIRL POWER* they shot it. It will be later

    • NIK says:

      *GIRL POWER* it’s coming shortly ❤️

    • Bruna Medeiros says:

      I think will be a visual album, maybe, deserve to be, but I’m not sure. This is a strong and powerful song, like the others. Like Dirty Computer, or more longer like Lemonade, or maybe nothing in these style.

  3. My life's called Christina Aguilera says:

    God those notes at 2:50 give me thrill !!! 💖 Can’t wait to see the live.

  4. rikihanks says:

    I dont know how many times I have pressed repeat.

  5. Dom Spanic says:

    You are not a real woman or gays if u don’t or support this song. This is actually an Real Feminism and Equal Rights anthem, not to mention Christina already had a song like this 15 years ago called Can’t Hold Us Down…not like the trash some 4 #girls tried to do last week

    • spenzur says:

      What does this have to do with gays?

    • Sebastien Le says:

      Calm down LOL My grandmother is a woman and I don’t think she support this song. Some people only like , reggae, techno or rock music they wont support this song. And most of all if they don’t like Xtina they won’t support this song. So supporting this song has nothing to do with vaginas or buttholes.

      I support it, does that make me a gay woman? :S

    • Noah Wisniewski says:

      Dom Spanic I was SO SHOOK in my reaction

    • Personal Personal says:

      Sebastien Le .. You’re making no sense … That person didn’t put if you don’t like it then you’re gay …

    • Eric Hernandez says:

      Dom Spanic guess I’m not a real gay…😝

  6. Aquamarine Dolls says:

    I got one thing to say……..I LOVED IT!!!! Christina has done it again and with Demi Lovato made it even more AMAZING! Woman power!!!!!! 💖💗🌼🌺💐

  7. Gabriel says:

    The vocals here are very on point. I was worried that this would be 100% oversinging but the song is great! 👌🏼

    • Alex Senpai says:

      Gabriel yes, me too. they’re both such powerful vocalists, i was expecting ridiculous runs and a battle of who can sing loudest. but surprisingly its quite a nice mix.

    • Gabriel says:

      And this song sounds coherent with Accelerate and Twice. Liberation is going to one of the most daring and experimental albums of her career. She’s mixing the classic soul and r&b with contemporary hip-hop and trap.

    • caio lucas says:

      I had the same concern, happy not only both have enough restraint in this not to turn this into a screamfest, but also the killer production.

    • atolm1 says:

      Let’s hope this Sunday at the Billboard MA they don’t turn it into a screaming match.

    • Noah Wisniewski says:

      Gabriel literally was so shook in my reaction vid

  8. AndréAlves-VideosVEVO says:

    #1 No BRASIL Cade Os Br ? 🇧🇷 veja a tradução e letra em portugues dessa musica clique aqui

  9. GDragon stan VIP says:

    Xitna always snatch my wigs. Love her strong vocals❤❤❤

  10. bborisova_ says:


  11. Bruno Ramos says:

    Adorei! Ótima pra performar com os amigos.

    Agora só falta eu ter amigos.

  12. Carolyne Caceres says:

    their two voices together are a masterpiece😗😗💖💖❤❤😀

  13. YepItsThatGuy says:

    THIS. Both y’all better not over-sing this live 😂😂

  14. Colors says:

    Their harmonies are so amazing. They are singing as one. You can’t tell Wheather is Demi or Christina and is FREAKING AWESOME.

  15. Carolyne Caceres says:

    you missed Christina so much and you finally got back on the big side💖💖💖❤❤❤😘😘😉

  16. PlayOk says:


  17. Suzy Lu says:

    The Queen is back!!

  18. Noel Lopez - NoLo says:

    I Bet BRITNEY SPEARS AND TAYLOR SWIFT Will collaborate after this 😂

  19. Cecill Khalesea says:

    Christina Aguilera you are iconic

  20. Kattarina Santos says:

    I am so in love. The lyrics are so powerful and their voices potray them perfectly. I’m so proud of Demi she has looked up to Christina her entire career and her dream has finally came true. I love both of them so much and so ice been waiting for this collaboration for ever now and I’m so glad it finally happened I’m so impressed or was definitely worth the wait! Legit chills down my spine 😍❤

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