Christmas Elves vs. Fantasy Elves

Christmas Elves vs. Fantasy Elves

Some elves make Red Rider BB guns, some elves forge artillery for the gods. Sponsored by Xfinity.


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Mike Trapp
Janie Stolar
Brennan Lee Mulligan

Director – Ryan Anthony Martin
Writer – Mike Trapp
Producer – Shane Crown
Production Coordinator – Annie Humphreville
Director Of Photography – Cooper James
Make Up Artist – Denise Renee Valentine
Production Designer – Chloe Badner
Costume Designer – Chloe Badner
Sound Mixer – Danny Carpenter of BoTown Sound
Editor – Nick Rood

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82 Responses

  1. Bandit Raccoon says:

    I can hardly believe that’s Brennan. Really nice makeup job

  2. Nathan Schoeder says:

    I love this.

  3. Mediocre And Worse says:

    You think this is bad, try bringing your new Ent girlfriend to meet your conservative Elf parents

  4. Serena Koehler says:

    Loving the Fantasy High sneak peek

  5. just worse says:

    Fantasy elf looks at bow

    “Made in North Pole”

  6. dracone says:

    The side by side comparison just makes Christmas Elves look even more ridiculous than they already seemed these days, and that is an accomplishment

  7. Jacob Rengen says:

    Aww you did not even wrap it

  8. lendial says:

    omg can brennan wear this while he dm’s for dimension 20?

  9. Sonja Morrison says:

    Well, elfin families are messed up too. Good to know!

  10. Spiros Mousouris says:

    That was awesome. And Brennan is so talented. Give this dude a role in a huge comedy movie alreadyyyyyy

  11. Spicy Jobro says:

    Visiting home for the holidays in a nutshell.

    I LOVE IT.

  12. Jan van Houwelingen says:

    “Santa is a dark wizard who enslaved the race of elves to work for him.”
    “Well we don’t have to talk politics.”

  13. Bassett says:

    Come on guys, we’re all waiting for Fantasy High here.

  14. Steven Lester says:

    What wonderful effects: the bouncing cup, the colorful smoke rings, the trilling tongue of Brennen. A wonderful job!

  15. nick says:

    There is some deep social commentary in this

  16. Dashing Steel says:

    You can say anything about Santa…But at least he made The North Pole great again

  17. Viquh says:

    3:10 Imagine how hard it was to film that Merry Jig with everyone trying not to laugh.

  18. Rhiannon DeLuna says:

    Brennan as a high fantasy elf is the greatest Christmas gift no one thought to ask for.

  19. Aebon Inc. says:

    Wow! Brennan is always so great. I love these new sketches. It really feels like they’re going back to their roots instead of the simple office skits.

  20. Oscar Fyrk says:

    “Santa is a dark wizard who has enslaved the heaps of elves”

    • raelonewolf says:

      +Tailos, le Maître Chasseur Are you kidding? You think they only work Christmas Eve? Santa has billions of homes to visit! His elves have to make toys for EVERY boy and girl! If anything, they might get Christmas off, but they have to work the rest of the year! As for the homes and salary, their homes are made out of gingerbread, and they live in the snow! They’ve got to be freezing all year! And the only food they can afford is candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. They all die young from diabetes!

    • Anon S. says:

      +Tailos, le Maître Chasseur as everyone else have pointed out, your assumption is a little far-fetched. if santa were real, that many toys can’t realistically be made in one night.

    • pLanetstarBerry says:

      Whelp, no I know what the hook for my Christmas themed D&D one shot is gonna be.

    • Lilith2014 says:

      He did. But, if you have the captions on, it reads heaps, not race.

    • Andy Thomas says:

      sometimes captions are wrong. ?

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