christmas isn’t real

christmas isn’t real

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  1. Diego Nieves says:

    0:32 When I eat two flint stone vitamins.

    • Lizard Man says:

      Muffin The Fennigon
      Oh shit, we’ve got a badass over here

    • Emo tea says:

      Storytime: In second grade we had two unopened bottles in my house and I took them and sold them at school for a dollar per two vitamins secretly on the playground and let me tell you, I made so much money. When my parents questioned me on what happened to the bottles a week later I handed them a big ass handful of quarters and said keep the change old chaps. I look back on what I did, and I wouldn’t change a thing. ALthough, half the class kind of expected me to bring more every week so I had to hide all mine and never eat them so I could bring them to school.

    • Some Guy On Youtube says:

      why do so many people have that same profile picture and what is it?

    • Brayden Bunjer says:

      *my phone is breathing*

    • Dry Fruit says:

      I fucking love flint stone vitamins

  2. Nikki Pop says:

    “Christmas Isn’t Real”–Bill Wurtz–An In-Deprh Analysis

    This song, in essence, keenly expounds on the profound desire to deviate from the insipid distractions of reality, such as social media, technology, etc., and truly embrace the inspiration and emotions of the human spirit during times of celebration, such as Christmas and Halloween. Even the title itself, “Christmas isn’t real”, suggests that the material aspects of Christmas do not constitute the ultimate truths of reality, but rather those truths lie in the foundations of human love, friendship, emotions, and companionship, and religion. For example, the repeated lyric describing the fusing between Santa and Jesus Christ’s individual entities suggests that beyond the realm of material, short-sighted “cheer” lies the reality of our existence in emotions and self-actualization, or in the manifestation of Jesus of Nazareth himself. Though these two figures, Santa and Jesus, are symbolically antithetical, they both are fused into one being because they represent the duality of our singular nature; part of the mind is prone to favor the immediate gratification of material substances, while the other part gravitates toward the emotions and feelings of human consciousness. In addition, the mentioning of “buying flowers and diamonds for my Valentine” tinge the piece with a quasi-romantic quality that loosely hearkens back to the days of knightly, noble courtship, also reinforcing the notion of the human mind’s duality via the two symbolic elements of “love” and gifts such as “diamonds.” In this way, Bill reminds us of our divided minds and world as a whole, and yet he feels inspired by it all; he finds expression for all that he sees occurring in modern-day society, and today, he has decided to share that expression with the world, and for that we should all thank him most gratefully, especially in our world of brainless, meaningless contemporary music. And as one of the greatest British Invasion bands of the 1960s once famously said, “All you need is love,” and the echoes of that message live on in the heart and mind of Bill Wurtz, as he reminds us that love is the ultimate tier of the human experience.

  3. Jacob626 says:

    Did a drone just play a saxophone?

  4. Darkstar22 says:

    This song is giving me a strong anticonsumerism/anticapitalist vibes and I love it. I’m not sure if it’s just me though. Even if that isn’t the intention great work.

  5. Trover19 says:

    “The only language is feelings..”
    deep af

  6. Alex Israelyan says:

    This is what we should have sent into deep space on the golden plate with the voyagers .

  7. simon podliska says:

    That moment when you want to make a song to profit off the holidays but then you remember that you purposely don’t monetize your videos cuz you love your audience

  8. Ted Sase says:

    I love the minor key and rhythm change in the bridge, it really helps diversify the song and adds a new mood to it.

  9. Nina B says:

    This is going to be the thing English classes analyze in the future like how we analyze old poetry now

  10. Nina B says:

    This is either something silly or can be read as a larger social commentary with references to humanity and current society

  11. Shah the T w a t says:

    _ba da dee ba dee _*_d i e_*

  12. Jack Ringel says:

    Bill Wurtz, please never change.

  13. Jmandawgfan says:

    this is an epic new christmas classic! definitely playing on christmas

  14. MothmanGhost says:

    The anti-capitalist Christmas song I have been waiting for!

  15. Turboturts246 E says:

    I feel like this song has some philosophical meaning and thought put into it. Taken out of context quotes such as “ English isn’t real, the only language is feelings “ sounds very thoughtfully arranged. Such as when he says that the Easter bunny gave him coupons to his own business. Like how materialistic people have become that they take any opportunity to find a “good deal”

    I mean uhhh you could make a religion out of this

  16. anastasia says:

    Finally a *REAL* Christmas carol

  17. Willowdrakon 16483204 says:

    The only language is feelings and i learned a few phrases

    *ba da dee*
    *ba da dee do*
    *ba da dee*
    *da da dee die*
    *ba da dee*
    *bee yo bing*

  18. OneHandClap says:

    classic after classic after classic after classic after classic after classic

  19. ImGonnaBeTheVeryWorse, SkyrimPlayer!! says:

    Bill wurtz reminds me that there is still a hope for mankind XD

  20. Anuel says:

    Why is the west coast on fire?
    how topical

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