It’s Christmas Morning! The time has come for the video everyone wants to see. This isn’t everything they got because that would be days long because unwrapping and talking takes so long. Emma gets a huge surprise at the end of the video so keep watching. Merry Christmas!

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27 Responses

  1. Emma and Ellie's Family says:

    Been waiting for the Ellie is ungrateful comments like every freaking year. She is not Emma she has her own personality and it’s real. She is not filled with emotion like some people. Also her and her boyfriend broke up on Christmas so she was a little sad. She is allowed to be sad.

    • Michelle Calhoon says:

      I love your etched glass front doors. Beautiful!

    • Kenna Gabler says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that. Hope Ellie’s doing okay🤍

    • Chlo chlo's Video's says:

      Ellie is a wonderful young woman. She is grateful and no one has the right to say if she is or not that is none of anyone’s business and how do you know how she is feeling. Everyone has different personalities and shows their feelings differently. Grow up and stop talking about a young girl. Don’t click on the video and watch if you just have rude things to say.

    • ria says:

      why don’t you close the comments?

    • aryanaek says:

      ellie and emma have very different personalities, ellie seems really shy on camera most of the time but she looks very grateful. idk why people are hating on a kid.

  2. ann says:

    It’s really refreshing seeing Ellie open her presents the way she does because I’m literally the same way. I could be around everyone I’m comfortable with and I will still be shy and less expressive opening presents. Lol

  3. emmalynefaith says:

    the excitement emma showed at the end had me tearing up myself but ellie showed a lot of excitement too idk why ppl are saying she’s ungrateful, everyone shows emotions differently.

  4. Rosie says:

    Emma was so excited like a little kid, and Ellie really showed her gratitude and was very mature in her reaction towards Emmas car. No jealousy or snide comments, but happy for her sister. People express themselves in different ways, and many sisters would have been annoyed at their sibling grtting such a big gift. Ellie wasnt at all, and I personally think the girls both seemed really happy with their gifts😊

  5. ashley_lane says:

    Emma’s reaction for her new car was priceless. Love it!

  6. Kelly Xx says:

    Emma is always so full of life, I love her 😂

  7. Creative Jewels says:

    I love watching these every year so excited for both girls with both gifts!! I can’t believe Christmas is over and the new year is coming so soon!!! 😱 HOPE YOU GUYS HAD A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR AHEAD!!! 🤗

  8. Music lover says:

    Aww Emma’s reaction to her new car felt like a dream ❤❤ you deserved every bit of it em!❤

  9. Sophie Tripp says:

    For having a breakup on Christmas, I think Ellie handled herself very well! She’s also 13! She’s not overly expressive like Emma is!

  10. MATTE LIPS says:

    the girls always appreciate everything congratulations on the new car, it’s very nice Emma best surprise ever. 😱😃

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