Chronically Online

Chronically Online

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people online a lot i talk about it







thanks for watching!

comment “super mario butt” if ur reading this


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49 Responses

  1. Kurtis Conner says:

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    • Calitalia Republic says:

      Psychiatrists classify gambling disorder as a mental illness in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. I think more modern phenomena such as video game addiction and being chronically online could also be seen the same way. The feedback loop can be pretty intense once people get hooked on outrage bait, or social validation, or toxic masculinity, or whatever. Sometimes it becomes compulsive behavior and people literally can’t stop themselves going back for more.

    • aliza plays says:

      Okay shawty

    • Hunter F says:

      Super Mario butt

    • li says:

      the yummy gummy bear search for santa movie

    • GodDammitRose says:

      Afro baby

  2. MouseSkull says:

    I think it says a lot about Kurtis’s humor that I, having no external knowledge of the situation, cannot tell whether his tour bus burning down is a joke or not.

  3. Yara says:

    I love how there was a SIA joke immediately followed by an absurd take on autism, I don’t know if this was on purpose but it was genius

  4. Cfaerify says:

    The “Beard” on Aloy is called peach fuzz, and as a 3D artist I LOVE IT. It’s a good example of how insanely good game engine rendering has become

  5. Dog God says:

    The term “chronic” is not just used to describe physical diseases, it is also used to describe addictions like alcoholism.
    A “chronic alcoholic” or “chronic smoker” are people who cannot quit those destructive habits, so I think “chronically online” would fit into that particular group of “chronic” issues.

    • haruuuuu says:

      i get what he’s saying though. just because the definition of the word means one thing doesn’t mean the connotation is one we should ignore. just another example of the importance of highlighting connotation v denotation lol

    • Seiashun says:

      To be fair, alcoholism is classified as a mental illness (alcohol use disorder) in the DSM-5

    • im calling saul says:

      Here is the full video that explains

  6. mochike says:

    i thought i had reached the bottom of the barrel with being “extremely online” when i was a part of 2013-2016 tumblr as a middle schooler. i still spend far too much time on twitter, but jesus christ am i ever thankful i never got to the point where i went through a full cycle of losing empathy then having to figure out real emotions and human interactions again

  7. Just A Dumb Dragon says:

    Watching people on Twitter rediscover “complex” feelings like disliking people will forever be my favourite thing

    • Felix! says:

      @Kaylin VB the way his face morphed into whatever emotion he’s feeling is adorableeee😭😭😭😭☺️☺️☺️

    • SketchyCat !!! says:

      The rediscover “empathy” like every other week

    • potato man says:

      I think i saw a tweet before talking about how they feel happy because something good happened to someone else and they were confused to why they are happy because they aren’t getting anything from it lmao

  8. Ava Adams says:

    I once saw a tweet talking about something nice the person’s dad did, and someone replied “You’re being really insensitive with people who don’t have dads anymore” and I think that pretty much sums up the internet.

    • Jason Chambers says:

      LMAOOO what the fuck

    • miseryfell says:

      Reminds me of the time a kid and I were pretending shooting each other with finger guns in class while making quiet “pew pew” sounds. Then the teacher called me up to his desk scolding me for not thinking that my actions might remind this one kid of his dad that died on tour while in the military. I didn’t even know about that and I wasn’t sure how his classmates going “pew pew” with finger guns would remind him of his dad’s death like that.

    • The Cheshire says:

      Golly gee I hate when people comment super negative self pitying shit on other people’s happy moments. I’ve seen people post abt their partner who they love and some mopey asshole comments something like ‘at least YOU have a partner’ like come on not everything’s about you.

  9. vertrox343 says:

    I have to laugh at the whole “GTA going woke” thing bc GTA is and always has been a commentary on society if you pay attention to anything deeper than surface-level gameplay. Literally the whole thing is “woke” by those standards

    • vertrox343 says:

      @Wika 123 fax

    • Wika 123 says:

      Plus, it’s a sixth part of the game and it’s gonna be just one female character to play as. Men are still gonna be the majority so no need to feel threatened lol

    • A Very Disappointed Red Engineer says:

      90% chance that something going woke was woke from the beginning.

    • shush says:

      fr!! my favorite thing to do is going on drives and listening to their political channels. it’s so funny, even the ads are hilarious i live for the mockery

    • Var says:

      yea it never made any sense because a big thing in the series from 3 on has been the american dream is a lie. 4 is literally about an immigrant coming to america and finding out everything is just as fucking bad

  10. Tyler Avesing says:

    There should be a reddit part. The amount of times people on reddit just tell people to deal with issues by just not dealing with it is absolutely insane.

    • Trolli Sour Brite Eggs says:

      @Xian_Choi 🙁 my experience wasn’t that bad at least. Most people just basically said everyone feels sad, I was choosing to be depressed, and I should stop being depressed and just drop everything and travel….

    • Xian_Choi says:

      @Trolli Sour Brite Eggs I got told to kms on the s*icidewatch subreddit after trying to console someone. they morally justified it by saying I was using toxic positivity. I have absolutely no words.

    • Trolli Sour Brite Eggs says:

      I posted on a depression subreddit when I was at one of my lowest times… Never again.

    • FiftyZanes says:

      I love your pfp. Rip Annie 🙁

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