Chuck Reacts to Dillon Brooks Calling LeBron “Old” | Inside the NBA

Chuck Reacts to Dillon Brooks Calling LeBron “Old” | Inside the NBA

Chuck reacted to Dillon Brooks’ spicy postgame comments calling LeBron “old” after the Grizzlies Game 2 win.

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50 Responses

  1. Kevin Deming says:

    Dillon Brooks has never scored 40 points in an NBA game…

    • N Campos says:

      😂😂😂😂 someone got butt hit

    • VwD says:

      @Kembry Embry Only a hater wouldn’t count the bubble ring. You realize people were playing in a pandemic isolated from family, etc with all that stress. It definitely counts. And I’m sure you’d count it if it was your team. And how is lebron not in the conversation for GOAT when he has the all time scoring record? I swear some people just love to hate

    • rookies says:

      ​@G O A T E D close though with 37

    • Gan_ Rr says:

      @King Dick you don’t have to 3 praying to be in the goat convo Kobe never won finals mvp with his 3 peats

  2. francis says:

    dillon talking like he a superstar😂😂😂 him talking like that while showing his statline ” 12 pts 5/14″ is the funniest thing😭😭

    • A R says:

      @Mun3yif draymond is good then Dillon brooks good. Ya fool

    • Chris says:

      @Mun3y fr as much as I dislike Draymond as a person, the impact he has on games is honestly second to none. Just look at all the advanced stats when he’s on the court vs off, especially on defense

    • Anchor says:

      @Dr Funk Funk Lebron literally planned to have a expiring contract to match Prime wade and Bosh were were both top 10 players in the NBA at the time because he was so frustrated at getting whooped by the celtics. Lebron is a great player, one of the best ever, but he devalued his career by team hoping and ring chasing. Same with KD.

    • Josh Smith says:

      @C two completely different arguments

  3. Andrew says:

    Dillon Brooks talking shit about LeBron then his stat line popped up showing he’s 5/14 killed me 🤣😂

    • Brian Chorley says:

      @Caleb Stephan +/- was -6.

    • Caleb Stephan says:

      ​@Brian Chorley yeah he did. That’s the difference. His shooting that night was ass but he impacted the game on defense and blocked shots from KD like 3 time and was on bookers ass the entire game

    • Angel D A Roseli says:

      Who won the game?

    • Walker Rashad says:

      Dylan Brooks job is to play defense and to get into the other players head with his court antics , and to his credit he’s pretty good at it , furthermore , we all hate to admit it but , LeBron James is getting old !!!!!

  4. Romain Anderson says:

    The way Dillon talking you would have thought he the one who scored 40 😅😅😅😅😅

  5. Los says:

    Lmao Brooks bout to have the longest next 3 games of his life 😂

    • Los says:

      @Yerik you’re absolutely soft if someone else’s opinion of an athlete tickles your taint to that degree 😂😂😂

    • Yerik says:

      @Los Im soft for thinking dumb takes hurt my brain? 😂😂💀 tell me you’re a lebron fan without telling me. Cya lil bro

    • Los says:

      @Yerik cuz you’re soft lol

    • kookybuger says:

      ​@Nkalabika Nkhoma LeBron and Rui were the only 2 to basically show up last night while the rest of the Lakers core struggled. With that being said, the Lakers only lost by 10. The Lakers will be fine

  6. Soup says:

    Dillon Brooks pushing 30 telling another man he old is CLASSSSSSSSSSSSIC

  7. Sherley Sippy says:

    2016- I guess he just got his feelings hurt
    2023- He old

    • Cameron Metz says:

      Only difference between them is:
      “Guess he got his feelings hurt” was a false statement.

      “He’s old” is a true statement 😂

    • Tim Ahn says:

      @Ashutosh Kulkarni oh you know he will 😂 I remember someone was talking smack to him and he just came out and did a chasedown block on the dude.

    • All the world's a stage says:

      Oh what a surprise! LeBron’s girlfriends are upset.

    • SPAWN says:

      @Ryujean Official The point is people acknowledge that about 2015 but tend to ignore that fact about 2016

    • nick T says:

      @D G  I haven’t compared anything..I’m comparing warriors being up 3 to 1 against a fully healthy cavs team. After game 4 they never had their full starting 5 on the court…that is a fact. Now u can’t minimize a starter impact, he was the starting center and tallest guy on the team and best rim protector, as long as he’s part of the rotation he is impactful. Fully healthy gsw vs fully healthy cavs, gsw was up 3 to 1…that is the fact

  8. William William says:

    “I poke bears.” – Dillon Brooks.

    I bet you do. 😂

  9. smokeyjackson47 says:


  10. ult says:

    I love how Dillon embracing being the NBA villain 😅 this shit is entertaining

    • SKUBA says:

      Y’all gotta stop pushing this “villain” narrative. There’s a difference between someone talking trash and a actual menace.

    • Frederico Terrell says:

      It’s stupid and childish and he can’t be a good villain unless he actually WINS something oh and he hasn’t said anything memorable or witty

    • Mindful Light says:

      being lazy on defense, being unaccountable for your action, being a stat padder, being the center of the offense despite the fact AD is better than you…..i can do this all day lol

    • P Jay says:

      Nowhere close to being a villain. Dude isn’t even mid – basic at best.

    • Kreepy Records says:

      The boy is not even scoring big numbers da fuck lol

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