Chuck Responds to Kevin Durant’s Instagram Posts | NBA on TNT

Chuck Responds to Kevin Durant’s Instagram Posts | NBA on TNT

After Kevin Durant called out Chuck on his Instagram Story, Chuck responds.

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41 Responses

  1. Julian Moran says:

    People are missing Chucks’s point I think. All he is saying is that when you’re the bus driver it’s ultimately on you. The blame will never fall on the bus riders

    • Justin Velazquez says:

      So if KD isn’t the bus driver than why are people coming after him?

    • Cwamie Patrick says:

      It wasn’t just the bus rider comment. He also said KD wasn’t the best player n golden state and that’s 🧢 no matter how great steph is.. KD was the best player on that team. And if what he’s saying true in this segment our opinions don’t matter anyway.

    • Donovon Smith says:

      @Rashar Banks yes he has. Y’all just KD haters. He was the leader on that golden state team. Even curry will say that

    • Cheems says:

      Also, it’s crazy because he was talking about Tre Young originally but all people got fixated on was KD when Ernie or someone extended his metaphor. We all know Chuck already struggles with metaphors as it is… This pretty straight forward concept made complete sense when it was in it’s original context.

  2. Miz Mac says:

    Shaq saying he don’t like people messing w his older brother made me smile

  3. Southpaw Billings says:

    “The god who sit at home. With a play in banner.” Chuck will always be undefeated.

  4. Krispy says:

    Finally, thank you Chuck for saying “Kenny you’re not in the conversation.” We all know that stung him hard but it’s true.

    Chuck is not saying KD ain’t great, he’s just saying that when KD has been the bus driver, they haven’t won rings. And Chuck knows that’s true for himself too. Players these days really get so sensitive about criticism. Imagine if MJ let that happen. MJ got mad and got better. Same with Shaq. That’s the difference in eras.

    • Odysseas Stavrakakis says:

      difference in eras? giannis did that less than 12 months ago

    • Lion T says:

      @RL it’s how u respond with your sensitivity that shows if your soft or not..Yeah Jordan was sensitive..but he wasn’t Soft😭😭😭

    • Benny Davis says:

      @RL Jordan took things personal AND used it for fuel ON THE COURT. These guys now take things personal and QUIT. I.E Simmons

    • Benny Davis says:

      @Ahmed Bingha ok. So he dies him. So what? He needed to be dissed with the series he had. People put kd up there cause of the two rings which he won as a bus rider, not a driver, Charles whole point. For kd to reference the Rockets thing was weak. That was when Chuck could no longer be the driver THEN he went and tried to ride. KD literally went in his prime. And the sixers drafted Chuck. He can’t control who else on the team he get drafted to.

  5. Charlston says:

    Just like what Shaq said, the “bus driver” is the leader of the team. KD got his feelings hurt, and also Kenny. 😂

  6. Sarcasm Smith says:

    There’s a great self awareness that Chuck has had since he’s retired. He’s reconciled his missed competitive opportunities and moved on with life in probably the best manner a retired great could.

    • Andre Nelson says:

      @Ronnie Watts 👍🏼

    • CS Anton says:

      Yes and what i loved about him is when he talks about players ,they get hurt but he is just saying the truth and fair enough to say an honest criticism to himself as well. He is the good old ‘ Say it straight as it is ‘

    • Malachi The Great says:

      The fact that even on this show Kenny is a bus rider. You can easily take him off and put Reggie or CWebb or even Candace and the show would be just as awesome. I think in the scheme of life bus riders know who they are. Both Kenny and KD dont like to agree with the truth that they were not the main factors in their titles wins but just great additional pieces.
      And to this point Charles has always been the driver of his teams, with exception of Houston.

  7. Rich0927 says:

    Kenny’s soul was injured with Chuck’s bus driver analogy and it still shows. 😂💀

  8. Joshua Heredia says:

    Love how real Chuck is. He doesn’t buy the conversation that he is a champion, because he literally does not have the ring to prove it. Others who aren’t in the conversation are just in denial.

    • Daddy Famlittle says:

      He was the best player in the NBA 1 season. More difficult than winning a championship!!! 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • MIKE Baichoo says:

      CWEBB is an example of someone who tries to insert himself in the conversation lols

    • Lucky889 S says:

      Kenny was just trying to trick Chuck into saying Kenny was a champion too, but chuck wouldn’t fall for it.

    • christopher j says:

      Chuck isn’t with this “everyone gets a trophy” bs…he won like a winner and took his losses like a man. The “word play” has got to stop!! If you didn’t win the championship, then you are not a champion.

  9. Inigo Acosta says:

    I’m normally sympathetic to Kenny because I do think his perspective as a role player is helpful and he has some great stories. BUT in this case Chuck is completely right. He is not part of the discussion or he is being way to loud for a non-bus driver.

  10. M B says:

    Chuck: “It bothers him. He’s sensitive Cindy” 🤣🤣🤣

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