Church Lady Cold Open – SNL

Church Lady Cold Open – SNL

Church Lady (Dana Carvey) discusses the election with her guests, Sen. Ted Cruz (Taran Killam) and Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond).

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18 Responses

  1. Winston Weathers says:

    Party on garth

  2. S C G says:

    Awesome. :)

  3. Eric Leiderman says:

    This would be better if SNL didn’t give a week’s worth of free ad time and
    devote an entire show to helping The Donald bully his way into a
    legitimacy. You cannot backtrack now. Trump is here and SNL is part of the
    massive free advertising plan Trump has used to do it.

  4. Elizabeth Purvis says:

    Church Lady sounds like The Joker on drugs ????

  5. Wonka70 says:

    Wow – this bombed. Dana Carvey was really out of practice.

  6. 17Haru17 says:

    Aaaaaand, *that’s* how Cruz became the Zodiac Killer. Plus one time

  7. Jet Gardner says:

    Well…. there goes the poll numbers in North Carolina right out the

  8. Erik Griffin says:

    A swing and a miss.

  9. Karlie Haradonia says:

    She sort of reminds me of The EWTN lady

  10. James Hines says:

    been waiting for more Church Lady

  11. spongeylocks123 says:

    I’m sad that Hillary and Bernie weren’t guests

  12. TheEmpowered787 says:

    Omfg Church Lady!

  13. Laura Purling says:

    I feel like Church Lady would get on with Stefon!

  14. Owen McCafferty says:

    Wow!! SNL must be desperate now digging up past funnier prime time

  15. Ben Lappin says:

    I’m Hilary Clinton and I approve this message.

    This is some serious DNC propaganda.

  16. TheGuerillapatriot says:


  17. KiddGalaxxy says:

    The Human Halloween Mask…. Hillary {she lies all the time} Clinton is
    more suited as the Devil… Hey I love this skit. However I miss my Church
    Lady Dance??? Where’s my Church Lady Dance?

  18. Total Wafflez says:

    I’m forming a petition to have Saturday Night Live cancelled. Its now
    government controlled way too PC and not entertaining anymore. awe will
    have SNL gone with at least 200k signatures