CHVRCHES – Bury It ft. Hayley Williams

CHVRCHES – Bury It ft. Hayley Williams

Bury It (featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore) – Stream: | Download:

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20 Responses

  1. File Code #1459 says:

    what a sweet video! love the song as well hahaha

  2. George Riley says:

    hayley is better than this shit

  3. Shiloh Rise says:

    I like the video but uhh… The song literally means nothing and the powers
    of the people in he video make me laugh cuz it’s just “Powers”. I mean it’s
    cute but the music just… Ok

  4. Raquel Viana says:

    I loved it!!?

  5. Lucy Andy says:

    hermosoooo <3 hayley williams i love you ???????

  6. Sebastian Gulbransen says:

    I’m so glad i got to see you guys live at Roskilde. You KILLED it <3

  7. Malu Rivaille says:

    Amazing!! ❤❤

  8. Daniel Patterson says:

    What 2001-2012? Waking up with my private hurting in 2008 ? The guy wearing
    the Microsoft shirt following me around playing the violin in 2004?

  9. Esther Ruol says:

    This may be the only song Hayley Williams has sung in that I have disliked.
    And this video is ridiculous.

  10. Ben Knight says:

    how long has this song been out because i heard it in may

  11. Astromyxin says:

    New Chvrches is way weaker than the Bones record. I still like it, I just
    think they’re getting lazy a little bit.

  12. Shana Breece says:

    its a cool video im just a little disappointed its animated.

  13. Mateusz Trocha says:

    Prepare for Hayley fans to throw shade…

  14. Jodie says:

    I LOVE IT!!!

  15. Noah Calta says:

    This is extreme litering

  16. TheSpeeddemon265 says:

    I wish they would’ve kept it 2D

  17. ViernesZombie says:

    Awesome video. Great sounds. And the voices of those beautiful girls are
    full of energy. It makes you want to wake up, to travel, to live…
    An awesome of awesome awesomeness.
    Sorry about my english. Regards from Montería, Colombia.

  18. yaseen boss says:

    Gta anyone???

  19. iGod says:

    Why would you make random shit spin around when you could crush them into
    little pieces and make death rain on the people below? *goes back to
    playing GTA*

  20. Yuki Nekenina says:

    I loved the whole video,song and concept.The animator is really talented!