Ciara – I Bet

Ciara – I Bet

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20 Responses

  1. jacquezsantiago says:

    Ciara rocks

  2. Islandgirl21 says:

    This song tho

  3. MZZHUNNY says:

    This video is AMAZING! Go Cici I can’t wait for the new album. I’ve always
    loved her music. 

  4. Queen Gerty says:

    Future.. Smh you ruined your Future.. Ciara is the truth, I love this song

  5. Patience Durand says:


  6. Cris tian says:

    Shes freakin gorgeous she needs to be the face of something expensive. Lol.
    This is the first time I heard the song in its entirety. Im a Ci fan
    through and through but this was a flatline for me. How many people had to
    approve the song before it was released and NOBODY said “ok the ad lib guy
    is doing the most get him off of there” ? Totally distracting

  7. Tlhogi Lekoma says:

    I love how artists can put all their emotions towards something so
    concisely in ± 4 min of song. Its beautiful really.

  8. Raony Phillips says:

    love this song for weeks now, and now I love the video, and hey 02:50

  9. ThePatrycjas says:

    She’s so beautiful

  10. Joshua Fay says:

    love you cici <3

  11. Special Star says:

    I love this song and video soooo much. You’ve been underrated for way too
    long. Hopefully this song and video will change that.

  12. Sony Music Spain says:

    Mira el nuevo vídeo de Ciara para su canción, “I Bet”! 

  13. Gavin Doyle says:

    She so damn sexy

  14. mamzellepistache says:

    ah yes yes yes enfin le clip trop belle la ciara ^^ <3

  15. Sergio Guijarro says:


  16. Ian Brady says:

    Yaaaaas Ciara you are giving me life in this music video !! I love the
    music video and so glad your back in the game x

  17. Lena Daries says:

    omg this woman is Beautiful!!!! love her

  18. Tina Wise says:

    Yes cici 

  19. Chyna Brown says:

    Im a dancer so i fucks with this video heavy just because she isn’t crying
    doesn’t mean there is no emotion i can feel every emotion she’s expressing
    through all her dance moves you can tell she’s truly hurt just by watching
    her body language people are dumb the video was perfect the song is perfect
    she is slaying right now go cici

  20. Remigiusz Fajfer says:

    I’m thinking that these times had to be hard for Ciara. She had a feeling
    she is in a great relationship and will deliver baby that is gonna have a
    wonderful father. But then suddenly everything changed. This song is all
    about that. President Barack Obama has started a campaign for women to be
    prospected more from their mind, then their bodies and I get the picture
    Ciara is presenting. She was a piece of meat for Future and I think she
    feels like when this was over, she was left with a feeling she is ugly.
    Every abandonned girl feels like that. We know Ciara is brilliant, talented
    and highly intellectual, but she still wants to be beautiful and for me
    that is the reason why in this video we see a lot less confidence factor we
    used to get from her, and more artististical variations of her sexuality.
    She is simply hurt and all I want to say is that Ciara needs support for
    this moment and if you saw the video once, you can see it the other day and
    give it a new comment longer than “lol”.