Ciara Is Definitely Atlanta With This Walk! Y’all Agree? #shorts

Ciara Is Definitely Atlanta With This Walk! Y’all Agree? #shorts

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26 Responses

  1. Mary Taylor says:

    I just can’t understand haters that are so jealous of a real black queen like Ciara,, try to be more like her instead of trying to tear her down,,she beautiful inside and out

  2. Dina Luna says:

    This chick is on fire! And the best thing about her is that she knows it, and stays humble! Quit hatin’ ya’ll.

  3. Liik the GOD says:

    I’m not from Atlanta but when I think of the “A” and the women who represent it I think Ciara, Monica and Rasheeda not necessarily in that order…..salute

  4. Vicki Baggs says:

    Walking Like A Diva!! Ciara..Simply Beautiful!🥰💕

  5. Lenora Mcghee says:

    She’s definitely ATL and then some, so whoever that young lady is who’s rapping, don’t hate just respect the game.

    • fern cer says:

      @Nelle Nelle it’s hard to believe that Latto would try and disrespect Lil’Wayne, Ciara, and Ludacris by saying they are not Atlanta, calling them out like that, but I could be mistaken

    • Nelle Nelle says:

      @fern cer No, that’s not what she’s saying at all. She’s literally calling them fake and saying they are using ATL association for clout. Listen to the song and if you can’t hear , read the lyrics. She’s saying they are not authentic.

    • Phyllis Phyllis says:

      I love Ciara and her husband, following. Every sense they married. One reason is because of their values. People are jealous of them I’m in ministry so I know how the world is. Keep loving life and your husband. Their is not that many Russell Wilson’s. You are fabulous.

    • fern cer says:

      I think Latto is saying the opposite. That even though they aren’t from Atlanta, they represent for Atlanta. That it’s shocking to think of them not being from Atlanta.

    • Ken’Yauna Wilson says:

      @Jaret Donald Patterson She Wasn’t Even Born & Raised There Herself. She Was Born In Ohio & Raised In ClayCo.

  6. Lucienda Baxter says:

    💃🏽🎶🎶Come through CIARA

  7. Astro Hitter says:

    I love her! Wish I could dance like her 😠

  8. Ciara Content says:

    She’s the Queen of ATL, of course!

  9. Gods anointed 1 says:

    Ciara is killing the game that’s why people on that hate train..shes beautiful and talented. 😁❤

  10. Godcreatedmj1 says:

    Love Ciara definitely walked that walk Atlanta 🙏❤️

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