Ciara – Level Up

Ciara – Level Up

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37 Responses

  1. Cheryl Guthrie says:

    This song and choreo is sooooo AWWWWWESOME, I love it!!!!

  2. Sonta Lovely says:

    Ciara is out here trying to wake up the Devine Feminine to level up and love themselves! Step away from these toxic and narcissistic men ladies! Love, heal and respect yourself. We have the power and we can heal the world! Please believe that you are important. Raise your frequency and you can have whatever it is you truly desire!

  3. Tatyana Turner says:

    So we stealing Jersey mixes now Ciara 😭🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. Bren Tee says:

    This is brilliant, well done to Ciara, this is what I call art. Level up y’all 😍

  5. Phillip W. says:

    I actually really like the song. I always liked Ciara’s music. I mean lyrically I wish it was a little more fluidity to it, but overall the song is really good. It is catchy and awesome

  6. Ms.Trish S says:

    Well the dance routine was great…thats all I liked but Congrats Cici!

  7. OnikaInDaMatrix says:

    Ciara done made that twerk beat into a certified HIT

  8. Diana Jackson says:

    I don’t like the song, but the dances goes hard.

  9. soshi stars says:


  10. Ithaka Yakame' says:

    ciara in the house ….after two babies….what.

  11. Rosey Florestal says:

    Yes Ciaaaaarrraaaa!!!!! Bring it backk!

  12. rashae tate says:

    So happy for her! Her choreography is amazing!

  13. Tasha Bynum says:

    Go CiCi

  14. Jamie C! says:

    CiCi moves still on point!

  15. Talisson Vianna says:

    Feat.With Boyband BTS 😘👌❤ This Blow up Worldwide!!!! Pls Cici

  16. Lenai Wallace says:

    It is like Janet and Missy had a baby and they made this!!!

  17. OfficialWillieJones says:

    I love it

  18. Lydia Green says:

    THESE ARTISTS AREN’T PLAYING WITH THESE VIDEOS IN 2018😍😍😍😍!!! Cici we’ve been waiting for this!!

  19. SunKissNicole says:

    workout music

  20. LavishlyA says:


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