Ciara – Thinkin Bout You [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Ciara – Thinkin Bout You [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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47 Responses

  1. Gonzalo Arvietti says:

    She reminds me the CIARA of GOODIES!!!
    Is like the single after

  2. Shadon Wright says:

    I loved its!! A side I never seen from Ciara, but didn’t know I needed from her. Very refreshing. ????????

  3. lwimiko mwambene says:

    Us as Africans we don’t have any doubt about ciara’s talent

  4. Jamoky says:

    Is it just me or is Ciara just sooo adorable? She’s a whole vibe.

  5. Laina Wells says:

    SHE IS COMING BACK AND ON HER OWN TERMS!!!! Period!? we love this glow Ciara! We wish you the best in your career. ?

  6. Cameron X says:

    Ciara’s beauty is exuding through her happiness… thats what real love will do to ya ❤ Love this cute song & video.

  7. Swizzy Lifestyle says:

    I love seeing her make songs about positivity☮️ & love❤️. I live??

    • I Heart Yoga Pants says:

      Me too! So sick of these male bashing, men are no good, girls rule type songs that people try to disguise as uplifting or women empowerment. You don’t empower by downing someone else. So again nice to hear something different for a change!

  8. Shakira Marzuq says:

    Last outfit Really remind me of Janet Jackson ?

  9. kenya foreman says:

    I know future somewhere in his feelings like always Maybe Ciara is the one that got away and that’s why he on her so hard

  10. Kira Divine says:

    Absolutely exquisite!!! From beginning to end this video is immaculate from the looks, to the movement and choreography, cinematography all on point!!! This is undoubtedly now my favorite song from her!

  11. Teetime x says:

    I get like a 90s/late 80s vibe. Nice spring evening anthem.

  12. Kristenn Dawn says:

    This whole video just told me to go to the gym ?? SHE LOOKS AMAZING‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  13. Dee Joyce says:

    Okay!! This comments section is where most of the happy, kindhearted, supportive, vibrant, fun loving people are on YouTube. I’m so glad I found y’all!?????

  14. G.A.M.A says:

    Mistakes of a girl= makings of a WOMAN. ❣

  15. Rosmery l says:

    Secret is out! Now men knows why we take forever to get ready. ?

  16. Natasha Mitchell says:

    I’m getting Janet Jackson ‘Love will Never Do Without You’ vibes & ‘Escapade’ feel.  I love it & love you Ciara.  Now if this isn’t a hit, then s*** is rigged!  Did you see how she repped MJ with the little moonwalk!  I see you Ciara.

  17. Zaria Cerinas says:

    It’s official. Time to hit the gym. Her body is #GOALS

    • Luanne Phillip says:

      Preach sis! When I saw her working that turnstile on ‘The greatest Love’ video….I waas like shiiiiiittttt!

  18. Just Run says:

    I love this, I’m so tired of bw singing about some man cheating and using them. This is pure black girl JOY!!! So happy for Ciara and I wish for all black women to have the opportunity to be in love and loved….??

    • Andrew Nehemiah says:

      Yazzz!! There’s happiness out THERE and it starts in ones own heart and the rest will follow!!???

  19. Erskine Spann says:

    I’m not even looking for a relationship I want the mental and emotional freedom this queen possesses in this video ???

  20. -This Infinite Life - says:

    Thirteen years and six kids later…this is exactly how my hubby still makes me feel! ❤

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