Cincinnati zoo kills gorilla to save boy who fell into enclosure [HD Original]

Cincinnati zoo kills gorilla to save boy who fell into enclosure [HD Original]

Occurred May 28, 2016 / Cincinnati, OH

After falling into the gorilla enclosure, a four-year-old boy was dragged through the water by a silverback gorilla. Though the gorilla appeared to be attempting to shelter the boy, eventually authorities had to kill him.

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20 Responses

  1. Nale Nash says:

    how the fuck do you let your kid fall into the gorilla enclosure.

  2. Anthony Draghi says:

    this is why i HATE zoos and aquariums

  3. pontiacperson p says:

    great video quality. kudos sir

  4. Isaac Richie says:

    u fucking -kidding me u killed a Gorilla just because a child was able to
    fall into an exibit. I’m calling the animal services. Its the zoos fault
    that they couldn’t keep a child in. They made the decision. who the hell
    are u to do that?!

  5. Sparkle-The-Fox™ says:

    Dude…I was at a zoo yesterday during this…not this zoo but close to
    it…Man poor kid.

  6. Rick Slade says:

    The kid probably thought the gorilla was his father that he’s never

  7. Ezekiel Esquivel says:

    That boy will be now known as Tarzan

  8. Emmanuel Gutierrez says:

    I mean it didn’t look like he was harming the kid up until the whole
    dragging parts… The kid being terrified and the parents yelling didn’t
    help at all. Had the kid been a bit “smarter” and admire the close up of
    the gorilla instead of screaming he wouldn’t of been dragged and that
    gorilla wouldn’t have been put down ?. Poor gorilla

  9. PacifierMusic says:

    Close all zoo’s. Problem solved.

  10. mark Reyes says:

    I know it was a traumatic experience for the parents and for the child, but
    how stupid do you have to be to let your kid fall into a gorilla enclosure

  11. Cordell Pickering says:

    Humans come before animals, end of story. Although, it was a sad death to a
    magnificent animal.

  12. Jesse Burson (The Mega Man Theory) says:

    That gorilla was trying to protect the child. If he wanted to hurt him, he
    would have done it within the first few seconds. Just another excuse for
    lowlife people to kill innocent animals. I hope they all die slow deaths.

  13. poisonvenom gaming says:

    retarted parents they killed the gorilla the parents should be in jail for
    not watching their fault this all happened how did the kid get in their in
    the first place

  14. Exzist says:

    So many things went wrong here, it made the perfect combination for an
    extremely shitty outcome. The enclosure was obviously not very well
    enclosed if a child could slip right through. The mother should be held
    accountable for not being responsible. Im not very knowledgable about a
    gorilla’s level of agitation, but Im thinking that killing it was
    completely unecessary. I think that Gorilla’s fate was sealed.

  15. J BassBoost says:

    Wtf the fuck is wrong with fucking kids and parents today, kids are so
    fucking stupid and parents dont give a fuck

  16. Bobby Kings says:

    That poor animal suffered for 17 years and at the end got shot to death.
    Disgusting humans who keep these animals locked up for amusement. I hope
    one day the animals evolve and take us prisoners or aliens come down and
    turn us into zoos. I’m going to love to hear our responses.

  17. Mustafa Abdille says:

    Irrespective of the circumstances: Zoo keepers made the right choice.

  18. Dominc garcia says:

    I LAUGHED WAY TO HARD @ 0:24!! ????

  19. Frederick Jizzbottom says:

    Fucking Mexicans. Take care of your children!

  20. Jay Comix says:

    If you people would’ve shut the fuck up and stopped overwhelming the
    situation, perhaps no one would’ve died.