Cinematic: “Safe Haven”

Cinematic: “Safe Haven”

Varok Saurfang realizes that that if he is to secure a future for the Horde, he must reach out to the one who led it in the past.

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71 Responses

  1. Васек Гаричев says:

    – hiding is not for us!
       – donkey, there is no “us”! There is only me and my swamp!

  2. oBringMeTheDiscoCake says:

    wow those forsaken look pretty freshly alive, whats up with that

  3. Olipherucco says:

    While BfA is failing as an expansion at every turn, the cinematics team is on absolute top of their game. Another fantastic cinematic.

    • lavender fuel says:

      People have opinions, David.

    • Sarcastic Dragon says:

      I’ve been playing through BfA returning after a year and I really don’t see what’s wrong with it? May just be I’m not max level yet but so far I don’t see why everyone doesn’t like it.

    • theheroftime95 says:

      +Sarcastic Dragon You can’t form an opinion with only that. You need to experience the end game content. Idk, I hate rng loot drops on top of rng item level upgrades

  4. Megumi Hayashida says:

    It’s like The Hulk, Thor and Farmer Thanos had a baby.

    • 86Fallowcp says:

      +Evan Trites Not really? It’s really human compare stuff with others that you like.

    • Megumi Hayashida says:

      Guys, I was simply describing my first impression ? and judging by the comments provided here I can tell the green (orc?) man is probably an iconic character in the World of Warcraft community. No offense was intended, I am sorry.

    • EBENEZER M says:

      +Evan Trites come on men lets not even us be
      like them they are just new they will understand
      When others do it to them they are not worthy
      To be talking about wow if they know about it
      We wouldn’t even be talking hear now this comment
      Would have never been….

    • Corvin Caassimolar says:

      Honestly Ithought it was more of a shrek meets Rambo combo 😀

    • FistInYourFace says:

      +Megumi Hayashida When you joke with nerds, tread carefully…

  5. Tomasz Niziałek says:

    If only blizzard could make games as good as cinematics

  6. bigdavebooth says:

    He doesn’t have time to raid or quest…..he has a family.
    Blizzard better give him gear and lots of rerolls.

  7. Lazy Nekogami says:

    Saurfang: Why are you in Nagrand?

    Thrall: Cuz’ it’s the best zone ever!

  8. Phil Maggs says:

    When there is a Garrosh situation, better call Thrall.

    • ShmoopyLongnuts says:

      Only if they let Bob Odenkirk voice Thrall.

    • Dryen says:

      Call Thrall to cheat AGAIN

    • Jeremiah Johnson says:

      +ShmoopyLongnuts What? No… You call Chris, tell him you’re sorry for ruining his game, throw him a bag of money and beg to have him help save it by voicing Thrall!

    • john torteron says:

      it far from a garrosh situation… gosh people are dense.. sylvanas is going for the frozen throne and will claim the lich queen title by the end of next xpac.. horde wont help her stop the forsaken slowly dying out.. her sisters gave up on her.. she took the blame of broken shores even tho she was honorable.. she just understood that their is no place left for her among the living and took the oportunity to create a smoke screen all out war while she get ready to move north.. dont believe me if ya want.. I saw it come since MoP

  9. John Cotto says:

    Loved the cinematic, still hate the way the story is going. Garrosh 2.0

    • Jason McLeod says:

      That’s what everyone is saying but I guarantee you it’s not.

    • Ronald Westbeal says:

      i hope not i really like sylvanas tbh

    • Lae EG says:

      Jason McLeod how can you guarantee it won’t be a Garrosh 2.0? Please tell me you’re an insider

    • Alfonso Mural says:

      Difference between Sylvanas and Garrosh, though I hate Sylvanas and I loved Garrosh, Garrosh was power hungry while with Sylvanas this was her plan from the start.

  10. Pugalicious says:

    “I’m nobody’s savior” uhmm okay Green Jesus

  11. Brett Yacyshen says:

    The euphemism here is uncannily strong, is Blizzard being….. self-aware?

    • Anthaliel says:

      +Defqon 1It’s not that she’s a woman, it’s that she’s a deceitful rotten corpse…

    • Damien INSANE-O says:

      +Anthaliel a female deceitful rotten corpse…..

    • Shottyninja says:

      This is literally a Mirror of Blizzard and Metzen. Blizzard (Saurfang) is asking Metzen (Thrall) to come back, and maybe not be a leader but to at least participate and be a part of the team, and demonstrates the awful storytelling with the assassins and BFA in general to convince him he is needed, and concedes.
      This is a retelling of an employer wanting its employee back lmfao. Fantastic job.

    • thibautisserant says:

      +Defqon 1 Explain Garrosh failure then. Because he sure wasn’t a female.

    • The Truth says:

      +Anthaliel no, it’s because she’s a woman.

  12. ZY Jay says:

    Thrall Snow :
    ” I don’t want to be the warchief !”
    “I said I don’t want it !”

  13. Undying Taco says:

    3 seconds in
    wheat: I don’t feel so good…

  14. Baskasama says:

    Varok: Thrall come back
    Thrall: Why ?
    Varok: Blizz let us xmog with bare chest now
    Thrall at 3:52

  15. Daniil Daniskil says:

    Blizzard: Sylvanas was Garrosh all along

  16. Corey says:

    i dont even play anymore but i always get hyped for the cinematics

  17. Yash Thakker says:

    When level 66 rogues leveling in Nagrand, try to dig up some honor.

  18. zman34720 says:

    Come on blizzard, just make a WoW cinematic movie already like this…it would make so much money.

  19. Ditronus says:

    Thrall learned from Kratos and John Wick: keep the weapon’s of your past life close.

  20. David La says:

    He Protec
    He Attac

    He bring
    Thrall Bac


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