cinnamon rolls are hard but i tried

cinnamon rolls are hard but i tried



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27 Responses

  1. Gummi_ Narwhal_29 says:

    5:53 “I’m back, don’t worry, I didn’t leave you.”

    *thanks dad*

  2. BA42 W says:

    The way he ran back to the ball of dough with the plastic wrap killed me

  3. Isabelle Wilson says:

    Love that picture of cinnamon rolls glued to the bottom of a pan.

  4. Alec says:

    Some tips for cinnamon buns:
    •when rolling the dough you want to keep it a little thicc, about 5-8mm so that when you are rolling it into a worm shape it doesn’t tare
    • use brown sugar in your sugar-cinnamon mix, it adds more colour and flavour
    • use soft butter instead of melted butter when coating your dough, stops it from going soggy and tearing
    (I am not a chef but have made cinnamon buns alot)

    • Grominblix says:

      Also dont over-add flour. The dough is supposed to be sticky.

    • Samuel Hämäläinen says:

      @Grominblix I was going to say the exact opposite? But I’m Finnish so I guess we just do them differently?

    • LaurenRebaM says:

      Also I think my mom always put the rolls in the pan touching each other. She also put the gooey glaze on the bottom of the pan with fruit and nuts and then you flip it over when they are done.

  5. Ella Carroll says:

    *dough starts sticking to hands*
    Julien-*starts panicking
    *Bob Ross music intensifies*

  6. TawnyWolf says:

    Psst. There’s a reason why the two hour second proof is a thing. You over proofed by doing it over night lol.
    Last time I made cinnamon buns, I proofed for 4 hours instead of 1.5 (school work and baking) and they got huge but like… Weird? But yeah, unless the recipe calls for it, I wouldn’t suggest proofing over night for anything.
    Tips from your friendly neighborhood cook!

  7. Dancey Pants says:

    “Long square”

    *long square*

    L O N G S Q U A R E

    You mean like a rectangle?

  8. ikutsaurpok says:

    I’m an Aries, but everytime Julien flips the glass bowl, I have a mini panic attack.

  9. Bella The Bear says:

    Julien: **adds extra flower and xanthan gum** ..idk why but its kinda dry,, 🙁 I wonder if I proofed it too long
    me: yes definitely

  10. aryaunna no last name says:

    “feels like i’m playing hot potato with myself because i have no friends”


  11. alliekatt says:

    the caramel drizzle part was sooo satisfying to watch like dannggg

  12. vyctoriaah says:

    “add carbs to ur problems” – julien solomita’s healthy advice of the year

  13. FreshGirl 3000 says:

    The comparison with 2D video game food got me immediately?! How is that so accurate?

  14. Maya Hamilton says:

    You spread out your cinnamon rolls to much. If you put them closer together they’ll rise up instead of out!

    • Jessica Kiran says:

      also he cut them too tall! and i have always poured the frosting over the cinnamon rolls right out of the oven when they’re still hot so that the frosting will melt into all the cracks and crevices and make it moist and fabulous. I’ve also never proofed a roll that long, only 20 minutes or so.

  15. Lunalivvy says:

    Julian: “Long square”
    Rectangle: “am I a joke to you?”

  16. Gizabella says:

    I started laughing at 1am at “fLyS bE LiKe”

  17. SLBE The family says:

    “Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you the whole recipe has no calories.. don’t check that.. byeeee” ??

  18. Meagan Ramos says:

    Should have put them all in one pan. They had too much room (and probably proofed a little too long) so they spread out instead of rising up. Maybe too much flour as well or potentially over baked by a few minutes if they ended up dry. Not bad for a first try though! And let’s be honest, even “bad” cinnamon rolls are still pretty good.

  19. Just Kristypical says:

    i’m disappointed he didn’t say “don’t be mean, be JENNArous”

  20. Isis Flenaugh says:

    Almost shat myself when he threw around the GLASS BOWL

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