City of Brotherly Love Fight.

City of Brotherly Love Fight.

City of Brotherly Love. These two guys fought outside my place last night in the Kensington area of Philadelphia but they quickly made up.
Happened around 10:50 PM August 27th, 2015

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20 Responses

  1. kostas tselembis says:

    fight club is rising again

  2. giannhs droumpalhs says:

    so weird

  3. NJNorway says:

    This is so freaking cool!

  4. C'est Va Lie says:

    You won’t see this at a hooka bar.

  5. Prince Vegeta says:

    Gotta love this sex scene.

  6. Ezequiel Diego Morkin says:

    First Rule: you do not talk about the fight club!

  7. Daffmeister187 says:

    When chicks fight, they hate each other for life. When guys fight, it’s
    just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  8. Jairo Mancera says:

    what is love

  9. Jairo Mancera says:

    +TheSubmissionChannel bros before hoes bruh

  10. TheSubmissionChannel says:

    +Jairo Mancera What’s love got to do with it got to do with it?

  11. mariam mallick says:

    i dnt understand what just happen, they saw they fight they kiss and say
    good bye??

  12. Captain Johar says:

    Wish every vicious fight could end up like this….

  13. ooroozima says:


  14. playafied says:

    who remembers Bum Fights?

  15. rick charles says:

    Of course they went home and got in the 69 position.

  16. Some Guy says:

    The best part was when the guy with the cigarette kept on punching and
    smoking at the same time.

  17. Ur Mum M8 says:


  18. Paul Henry says:

    Reason 3128 why being stupid drunk is such a bad idea!

  19. Bonquiqui Thethird says:

    This is good fap material.

  20. Ranton Persay says:

    Drunk Guy: Yeah man, so I’m tellin you, she had a bigger dick than me
    Regular Guy: Fo real?
    Drunk Guy: Yeah but it wasn’t a guy though, she was beautiful
    Regular Guy: What the fuck you talkin bout? Of course its a guy, bitch had
    a dick
    Drunk Guy: I-Its not man (stumbles)
    Regular Guy: Yes it is
    Drunk Guy: FUCK YOU! **PUSH**
    **Fight happens**
    Regular Guy: YEAH SUP NIGGA, SUP!
    Drunk Guy: I LOVE YOU MAN
    Regular Guy: I LOVE YOU TOO **Gives dap**
    Drunk Guy: Fuck yeah man, hug me tight
    Regular Guy: Don’t ever let me go man!
    Drunk Guy: I wont man, rub up on me against this car bro
    Regular Guy: Mmmm yeahhhh
    Drunk Guy: You smell nice
    Regular Guy: Thanks, I used Old Spice