City Skylines, but I elected Twitch Chat as Mayor

City Skylines, but I elected Twitch Chat as Mayor

We’re gonna need more trains. (DISCLAIMER: PARKZER IS NOT A LAWYER)

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– Paper Mario The Origami King – Giant Fan of Bonehead Island
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– Intelligent Qube – Stage 2
– Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Born to Fight
– Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Battle! Vs. Aionios’ Strongest
– Super Mario Odyssey – Staff Roll
– Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Clock Time Attack
– Mario Kart 8 – Grand Prix Recap (SFX)
– Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Crossing Swords
– Mario Kart 8 – Lose Grand Prix
– Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Fateful Decisive Battle
– Street Fighter 5 – Ken’s Theme (SFV OST)
– F-Zero GX – Night of Big Blue
– Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity – Guardian Menace (Enemy Keep)
– Bayonetta 2 – The Legend of Aesir
– Bayonetta – Save Cereza!
– Tekken 5 – Street Wise (Asura Mix)
– Zelda Wind Waker – Molgera Battle
– Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games – Groove Pipe Snowboard (Mushroom BridgeCity)
– Bayonetta 2 – Glamor In Charm And Allure
– Super Mario Odyssey – New Donk City Daytime
– Zelda Breath of the Wild – Parasail Minigame
– Beyond Good and Evil – Ambience Snare
– Mario Strikers Charged – Pause Menu
– Miitopia – Princess
– PMM-Also-Sprach-Zarathustra-MASTER-V1
– Mario Kart 7 – Staff Roll

About DougDoug:
Doug is a sentient bell pepper who was hired by the FBI to crack gaming challenges and also talk about things with food

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52 Responses

  1. Martin Gray says:

    I miss Mayor Moonchild. Truly his time in office was the golden age for our city. Politicians these days only care about trains and letters!

  2. sirpanikalot says:

    this city was most certainly worth 10 times the earth’s economy.

  3. doingalittletrolling says:

    it’s so sad how parkzer has to work 27 part-time jobs in order to feed his 327 goldfish children

  4. Bailout says:

    If you live within the United States, there is a very high chance that Parkzer has been mere miles away from you. Stay vigilant.

  5. giant taco god says:

    Moonchild single handedly trying to save the city right before it all falls

  6. Anonymous Alchemist says:

    i like how chat had a 5 minute golden age with moonchild and then immidiately got derailed by trains

  7. Theo Noble says:

    Parkzer would be the type of person to travel across the entire country and just go “it was fine, nothing stood out too much”

    • TheTruepanther says:

      ​​@Motalux isn’t the US one of the most varied by terrain countries in the world though? Deserts, tropical areas, mountains both valley and rocky, volcanic geysers and yes also flatland. I feel like he just visited the cities.

    • Nate Box says:

      @GuyWhat? We have some of the biggest cities, biggest nature reserves, biggest mountains and deserts, and more. Your thinking of like Ohio.

    • Guy says:

      I mean that’s fair, it’s the US after all

    • Theo Noble says:

      @A random smash player But there are vibes. Like, a lot of cities in New England and upper new york have the same vibe, Pennsltucky has similar vibes, stuff like that. You’d think he’d have a prefference

  8. Anijay says:

    Mayor moonchild was the only one acting like he actually is a mayor and in charge of making the city great. I miss him 😭.

  9. Andrew Downs says:

    I love how twitch chat embodies the pure chaos and randomness of politics, between really qualified people like Moonchild and then immediately a guy who just wanted to build trains.

  10. statusiidhaea says:

    R.I.P to the potential mayors that got shot. They were taken too soon.

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