#CivilTV: Welcome Home Bobby Shmurda

#CivilTV: Welcome Home Bobby Shmurda

Welcome home #BobbyShmurda. Brooklyn’s own Bobby Shmurda has touched down on his first home as Karen Civil & #CivilTV recaps his day from a family dinner with his mom, his first interview with GQ magazine and a private welcome home party with family & friends.

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Executive Produced by: Karen Civil
Shot By: Chaz

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75 Responses

  1. CharlieChase247 says:

    Glad both of em are back home to see More Life 🙏

  2. Jimmy A says:

    Young 👑 is home.

  3. Big Red1 says:

    he done grew on y’all quick

    • KP9GOD PSN says:

      When you did what he did the streets will HOLD YOU DOWN..Bobby could’ve been out yrs ago but took more time for Rowdy to get out early..That life ain’t the vibe at all, but if you gonna live it Bobby showed you how to do it💯

    • Dezmond Crawford says:

      I wouldn’t say quick. Almost a decade he was locked up.

    • Tu Tu says:

      He aged 7 but mentally he’s aged about 10, 20 years. Prison made him wise.

  4. GEE White says:

    I am glad Bobby out too and I am originally from a small town in louisiana. This young cat is a real one and loyal…not many like you

  5. MBK SQUAD says:

    Can’t wait to listen to his fire ass music 🔥

  6. Eric Renteria says:

    I’ll be lightskin in jamaica before I go back lmfao 😂💀💀

  7. TC Slimm says:

    Bobby took more years so his homie has a chance to get out too, That’s real loyalty

  8. Kilo says:

    This dude deserve a billion fans, for his loyalty , royalty and what he stand fo.. period

  9. Jxhddhjd Xbxvdh says:

    News report: one of the top hip hop artist, Kodak black and, Bobby Smurdah have been living the life out of jail and had an increasing rate of fans
    Tayk watching news from jail: 🥺😭

  10. YRNX9 says:

    Bobby went in for 6 years and stayed relevant its crazy considering alotta dudes came in the game from 2014-now and fell off without even getting locked up

    • Ugly Raff says:

      @K James 50k a month is being nice, I would say more like 10k a month if that, he has 1 song, most people stopped listening to that song in 2014 …

    • Shaquille Wilkins says:

      @dancing bam he stayed relevant cuz he well respected nigga.

    • NFJ IZZY says:


    • kenneth says:

      A lot of dudes stay relevant if they were big when their in jail because people last image of them is their music they only become non relevant when they get out if they don’t live up to those standards they set before they went in

    • Shaquille Wilkins says:

      @Ugly Raff that song has 700 million views. Probably didn’t have half that when he was locked. You can easily go look at how much money his YouTube is earning each month. Thats public information

  11. C.J.C says:

    Got to Respect Karen Hustle and Grind. He just came out and she already on it.

  12. imahelpfulperson says:

    He took extra time so his homie can get home early. I don’t respect what he did, but I do respect his loyalty!

  13. MS S says:

    I’ll pray that Bobby stays away from the drama.

    • Ugly Raff says:

      He’s just been released and already associating himself with the gang name that put him in. He’s going back for sure, that’s not even hate. He had 7 years to educate himself and move smarter and he’s already making bad decisions.

    • DuckGoddies says:

      @Ugly Raff just because you still associate yourself doesn’t mean you’re an active member…at the end of the day that’s his fam.

    • rarted says:

      @Kryptic_Sky no but you may need help if you like Bobby

    • rarted says:

      @TQ stfu

    • kenneth says:

      @Ugly Raff its people that’s been in jail for years and when they get out they still use their neighborhood name because thats who people know them by it doesn’t mean their going back to jail because their still using their street name

  14. Shadow says:

    he got buff his head looks way smaller than his body now

  15. Fruits Dōma says:

    Bobby has the TEETH everybody is PAYING for these days… lovely! Million Dollar Smile

  16. TheNineThrees says:

    NASA has spotted Bobby’s hat thrusting back into Earth’s atmosphere. 🧢


    Man, it’s all not about him “not snitching” he’s just a real human being period!! You can just tell. You hear what he said??!! He was young man. I Bet lives wouldn’t have gotten taken away or anything if he had that mindset when he was “young” Not accusing him of anything, what I speak of has been displayed on the internet millions of times. I’m just saying, in order to help the youth grow, it’s very very important! It starts there! Then sometimes you just gotta go through shit to know who you are! And that comes with people getting hurt, as well as your family and self! Live life, but whatever you choose, face it like a man/woman!!! Welcome back Bobby!!!!

  18. tameika brown says:

    hopefully Bobby has learned from his mistake’s while In prison and now that he’s home he can keep his head on straight and give his fan’s that good music that we’ve been missing since he went to prison



  20. Grizz Hood says:

    Real American Gangster type SH*T!🔥

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