Clare Crawley announced as the new Bachelorette on ‘GMA’ l GMA

Clare Crawley announced as the new Bachelorette on ‘GMA’ l GMA

You may remember Crawley, who famously stood up to Juan Pablo in the finale of season 18 of “The Bachelor.”


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93 Responses

  1. Blondy says:

    So glad it is her!!! A mature woman all grown up and doesn’t act like a child. I was soo tired of watching the kiddie show the last 3 seasons. Great choice ! She will see through the BS can’t wait to watch her season 🌹🌹🌹

  2. RayNicole says:

    This is unexpected but good for her!! Bachelorettes tend to have more success with this process & its my guess that it probably has to do with the dynamic of the MEN doing the PURSUING! She’s seasoned and will see through the BS. She’ll make good tv too. She’s a firecracker for sure! Congrats to Clare!!!🌹

    • Jim Johnson says:

      @daughterofolaf not all of them, but most of them. I liked Madison, Kelcey and Ms. Texas.

    • RayNicole says:

      @Robin smith I couldn’t agree more. Juan P’s season was so unfortunate yet some really great gals can’t from his season, including Andi Dorfman, another strong Bachelorette lead. I’m actually in anticipation to see how this season will pan out! 💃

    • RayNicole says:

      @Michelle A I didn’t want to say it in my initial comment but you are absolutely on point. The bachelorettes are alot less likely to get distracted by the shinny things. Women, especially mature women, aren’t led by their physical sense. We may take notice but we’re definitely more likely to to make INTUITIVE decisions. This should play out very interestingly. I can’t wait. 😁

    • RayNicole says:

      @daughterofolaf Yeah, it was a very slight chance that any of those young ladies would have been a premier choice for the lead. *Sighs* 😔

    • RayNicole says:

      @Jim Johnson I can definitely agree with that, as well. It does seem to attract more “influencers” girl contestants, ie: IG models 🙈

  3. ScrambledMegs says:

    I am so excited for this! They better cast older guys who are also ready to get married. I hope theyre getting back to what the show used to be about

    • Blondy says:

      PinkBarbie YES!!!

    • barefootwench says:

      My only thought is that bachelor in paradise might be strange now with all of these 22-23 women from peters season and then possibly 37-40+ men from Clare’s season.

    • Blondy says:

      barefootwench They will probably take contestants from Listen to your heart for Paradise and only throw in a few older guys from Clare’s season

    • Cat Whisperer says:

      Age is just a number and it doesn’t necessarily dictate maturity. With that being said, I hope that they cast an even mix of men who are younger than her, men who are roughly the same age as her, and men who are older than her.

    • Cat Whisperer says:

      barefootwench They’ll probably include younger men and older women from past seasons in addition to the men and women from the 2020.

  4. Yurose Petion says:

    At least she not boring…she has personality

    • Robin smith says:

      Better than Kelsey, but I sure hope they don;t give her 23 year old guys! Yikes. Should be interesting as she will speak her mind and not stand for BS.

    • Luc Bordage says:

      Her experience will help her. The players will be gone a lot sooner this season, but of course a few will last just to keep viewers watching and cursing at the TVscreen. She should end up with a good guy, Finally! Good luck to her.

  5. Samia Theresa says:

    I’m glad they’re finally going older. I’m tired of the young people and their drama. There’s no way they’d be ready for marriage!! I want to see this result in true love story, marriage and kids one day!! keep it this way!!

  6. Bre says:

    for those of you bashing on her and saying you’re not going to watch her season, guess what? no one cares!!!!

    • Karen Collins says:

      roter1 be

    • AK Sonya says:

      @Bre You are allowed to be happy, I am allowed to say I have no desire to watch another trainwreck season. I have watched it faithfully but I will be watching this season by the after shows. It’s going to be nice to have extra time in my life. Besides, Netflix is showing previous seasons and I am enjoying that.

    • Bre says:

      @Patty Ed i hear you, could be true. one more try is worth a shot i guess haha

    • Daniel says:

      Sweetie it’s not just about people not wanting them to watch the show, at this rate if ratings continue to drop the show could cancel

    • Bre says:

      @Daniel i hear that, but i highly doubt it will cancel. there’s been worse seasons/leads… i think this is a good change and a lot of people clare’s age watch this show – that’s positive

  7. Savvi C says:

    Maybe this is a chance for the bachelor franchise to go back to their roots and make the show again about finding love and not primarily about building Instagram careers. This sounds like a step in the right direction.

  8. Alexandra Bain says:

    Excited! Don’t want the drama like Peter’s season. We want a women ready for marriage

    • Alexandra Bain says:

      I disagree about how she acts. Also maybe she has not found the right guy. It’s hard to find a good man. The fact anyone would marry Juan Pablo Is saying something about them.

    • Jim Johnson says:

      @Alexandra Bain Juan Pablo was definitely not perfect, but he at least tried to get to know Clare and everytime he tried talking to her she would instantly start sucking his neck. The guy even had to tell her to chill with that (although in explicit) he wants to get to know her and she got all offended by that. And I have to give Juan Pablo credit, he chose the girl that wanted more than sex.

      The biggest difference between Juan Pablo and Clare is that Juan Pablo matured as the years went by after the show. Clare has not.

    • Alexandra Bain says:

      Juan Pablo is a tool that plays with women. His season and after proved that. He was there for fun , not a relationship. You don’t know Clare and I’m sure she has grown and changed since on the show. Better than these 23 year olds on the show now

    • Jim Johnson says:

      @Alexandra Bain Clare keeps appearing on the shows and acting the same way, that’s how we know she hasn’t matured. As for Juan Pablo he found a woman and settled down and got married. And has been for several years now. Staying away from media or tv actually is a mature response as well. Clare on the otherhabd is still doing the same thing, I’m not saying having a 23 year old on the show, but Clare in her 30s acts just like them, she needs to get away from the show longer than taking a year and a half breaks in between.

    • m A says:

      @Jim Johnson she is drama queen. I never like her

  9. roter13 says:

    Yes! Does that mean we’ll have men in their later 30’s and 40’s? It will be so nice to watch a season where deeper conversations happen instead of having people looking for IG followers. Whoever came up with this needs a raise.

    • Loren Lynch says:

      Savvi C They had already done a lot of the casting, so they’re younger because typically the bachelorettes younger. I imagine most of the remaining people they cast will be older.

    • Cat Whisperer says:

      aisha I disagree that your ideal image would give variety. If the older half is up to 5 years older than her, than I think the younger half should be up to 5 years younger.

    • Cat Whisperer says:

      Savvi C Why should it be a problem? My godmother is 10 years older than my godfather and even though their marriage ended in divorce, they were married for about 27-28 years and had a very strong relationship while married. I think it’s time to put the stereotype that women should only date older men to rest.

    • oO dOdY75 Oo says:

      Or people that say “like” a billion times a sentence.

    • asvpadam2x says:

      lol so talk abt stuff you did as a 20 year old?😭💀💀 okay boomer.

  10. Luthando Phiri says:

    I’m glad Bachelor nation chose her. The girls in Peter’s season were just not gonna cut it.

  11. ohsnapitznat says:

    I’m just glad it’s not someone from Peter’s season.

  12. Running Julz says:

    I am 37 myself, and it is nice to see someone who is mature and ready for marriage given the chance to find love on the show after struggling with it. Hopefully they cast someone that is mature enough for her too. Young guys may be fun, but most of them are not ready for marriage.

    • Catrina Hartz says:

      I just cant believe the Bachelor producers let the bachelorette out of the bag this way. And not on their final rose!🤔🤔

    • Lady Dakini says:

      ttmike42 well said… Why women keep lying to themselves in this regard is tragic. It may suck, it may be harsh, there may be a minute percentage of men who don’t feel this way (but they’re probably all married by this age anyways, so that’s moot), but it’s a scientific and biological fact that no amount of IVF, Botox, fillers, and shapewear can change.

    • Anna Evans says:

      Catrina Hartz girl.. lol it’s not about age it’s about maturity, and really wanting it, being ready for it, and being in love. I’m 22, married with a baby in a home we own. I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a baby girl.

    • Daniel says:

      ttmike42 you must be 12

  13. Heightsg4ace Holderby says:

    She’s done it all now: the bachelor, paradise, winter games , and now the bachelorette. Experience is what we needed.

    • Luc Bordage says:


    • Natalia Deshman says:

      You guys might want the drama. But we also need someone who’s willing to find love. There will be drama because it’s a house of guys fighting for a girl’s heart. She’s not the first one who’s been on the show before. We just have forgotten about her story. Clare will bring drama in the sense if someone acts up and not there for her or what she wants. Give her a chance.

    • Diana Martiniuc-cameron says:

      @Aliasgar Lucky there will be drama always.. because of the producers causing it.. just not like the drama we recently had.

    • Jim Johnson says:

      @Aliasgar Lucky it’s Claire, she’s one of the biggest drama people this show has ever had. She is also one of the sluttiest this show ever had.

    • Lady Dakini says:

      What!? 😂

  14. Michelle A says:

    I’m so glad they chose Clare! She’ll make a much better bachelorette than anyone from this season!!

  15. Sive Baartman says:

    Clair: I lost respect for you. I would never want my children having a father like you!

    Juan Pablo: Ok 🙂

    • Lady Dakini says:

      Brett Larkin well said Brett… anyone not saying this did think it … I’ll be the first female to agree with you and this nonsense.

    • Donovan Mitchell says:

      @Lauren Smith sounds like the only who thought that was you

    • Lauren Smith says:

      Donovan Mitchell really? got more upvotes than you or Brett Larkin

    • Lauren Smith says:

      Donovan Mitchell and he clearly meant it in a demeaning way…you’d be foolish not to see that

    • Donovan Mitchell says:

      @Lauren Smith Are you okay please don’t get mad at me there really is zero reason it’s not worth it just listen to some music or chill making you upset was not my intention.

  16. Leticia V says:

    Yesss an older bachelorette. I skipped peter’s season but I’m watching this one.

    • Catrina Hartz says:

      You didnt miss much on Peter’s
      A lot of drama. I didn’t like him as the bachelor. He didn’t know what he was doing

    • Leticia V says:

      I know I didn’t. I only watched the first two episodes and stopped, there was wayyy too much drama this season.

  17. barefootwench says:

    I like that they will have a more mature seasoned star, I have been watching this show since 2008 so I’m familiar with her, but I can’t help but wonder how strange the bachelor in paradise will be with these women who are 22-23 from peters season and the men that are potentially 40+ for Clare’s season. Not every young girl is into dating older men.

  18. Tiffany Killian says:

    Honestly, I’m just so happy that it’s not Tia.

  19. varushi mehta says:

    Somebody who doesn’t say ‘like’ 200 times in a minute is definitely a good choice lmao

  20. Ebony James says:

    This entire season better be casted from 35 to 45 years olds.

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