Clarice Probes Hannibal Lecter About Trump’s Russia Ties

Clarice Probes Hannibal Lecter About Trump’s Russia Ties

Clarice (Jodie Foster) has some questions regarding Robert Mueller’s probe into Trump’s ties to Russia directed toward Hannibal Lecter (Stephen Colbert).

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50 Responses

  1. Akshay Anand says:

    This is good.
    One of the few sketches they have made that’s really good.

  2. Sensaii Tutz says:

    can i eat your kidkey ?
    i have 2, i dont why not
    ok, fire up the grill

  3. MCL MG says:

    Colbert’s Hannibal Lecter is on point!

  4. maggie198333 says:

    This is epic.

  5. azuman7 says:

    Trump: “Would you impeach me? I’d impeach me. I’d impeach me so hard.”

    • gspendlove says:

      Oh, Christ. I just got the image in my head of Trump dancing to “Goodbye Horses” and doing the tuck. Well, guess there’s nothing left to do but clean out my brains with a bullet, and it’s all your fault, azuman7. But at least I have the consolation of knowing that now you ALL have the image in your heads of Trump dancing to “Goodbye Horses” and doing the tuck. So let me just leave that (Trump dancing to “Goodbye Horses” and doing the tuck) here and say goodbye. Goodbye all, and remember: Trump dancing to “Goodbye Horses” and doing the tuck.

    • ro he says:

      Happily I can separate things such as that. I learned how as a child. I taught myself. You can learn how to, also. Only accept facts into your permanent memories. Let fiction and rumor fade away. Care about facts. You don’t know if trump has actually done that. You do know he’s money laundered. And scammed people that were hoping to get better at business. And told boy scouts how he admired raunchy self-indulging wealthy lifestyles. And he’s looked at little girls contemplating having sex with them when they got older. Try to get those out of your head.

    • Rosslyn Standingwater says:

      ro he Thanks for the vicious slap back to reality. *BuzzKill* lol

    • ro he says:

      Rosslyn Standingwater
      Reality isn’t enough of a buzzkill? And I was being serious with the separation method. Is standingwater your real name? The people in this world that are just being laughed at are being purely spiteful. They voted out of spite. Trump stuff is getting old. They didn’t take the hint. The nuance of truths included in the humor doesn’t resonate. That’s why we have trump as president saying the epa does nothing good. That’s why the plan for the pipeline was carried out. That’s why he wants to sell off national park land for drilling and exploiting. We need to stop letting them think this is a laughing matter. Smack them on the hands and tell them no.

    • ro he says:

      Rosslyn Standingwater
      For the record, my original comment wasn’t me trying to be a buzzkill. I was trying to address a fix to a weak spot in ones psyche. Its a conditioner. A strengthener. I clicked like to the OPs thread. I may have gotten carried away with it, though.

  6. Agostinho Oliveira says:


  7. OmegaFlightmaster says:

    Stephen, you keep getting better and better! 🙂

  8. N Ak3 says:

    I wonder how Jodi felt with Stephen doing that iconic sucking sound?
    on set Anthony used to terrorize her with it.

    • Southern Cross says:

      erm, that was a myth created by the crew. Ask Jodie, they never really actually filmed scenes together. Watch the angle of camera shots in the movie, – they never share any one frame. Jodie herself confirms this multiple times over many interviews. She officially met Anthony after filming the movie.

    • NIELS MICHIELS says:

      They filmed them seperate because she *was* terrified of him.

  9. hash browns says:

    I love how Stephen can make such a shitty political situation so funny.

    • Southsideman says:

      His show is very fresh and creative. I didnt tjink he could keep this pacw up when his show started, but they have. I don’t really like his politics though and some are cheap shots, but i do appreciate the shows’ dynamics.

  10. Bob Trenwith says:

    That moment when you seriously consider the possibility that Hannibal Lecter is a better person than Donald Trump.

  11. Naphtali Musnyama says:

    Colbert’s Hannibal is BRILLIANT, a mix of Lecter+Voldermort+Saruman+Colbert!!

    • Jae Lynn says:

      FYI-There is no “r” in Voldemort 🙂 Sorry to be a stickler. We have a problem in the US with people not learning proper grammar, or facts. Of course, I have no idea if you are in the US. If English is 2nd language, great job!

    • MrOneye says:

      Jae Lynn that wasn’t grammar that was incorrect spelling. Next time grow out the mustache Across the lips. Don’t just center it in the middle…

  12. Blue Skies says:

    If Hannibal were real, Steve Bannon would run him in a republican primary.

  13. Talha Awais says:

    Colbert’s impression of Hopkins’ characterization of Hannibal is better than Foster’s impression of herself characterizing Clarice.

  14. Jerricola says:

    It feels good to laugh once in awhile, but seriously we need to get rid of the rotting pumpkin, its almost Christmas time and he’s way past expired.

  15. mx5hong says:

    “I like to buy my hand lotion in bulk. It puts the Nivea on the skin…”
    I’m frakkin’ dying over here!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!

    After Clarice showed her credentials, Dr. Lecter should have said: “Closer, closer…”

  16. Ascent says:

    Wow. She’s still got it. That was so Clarice.

  17. Paul Mann says:

    This vid was far more satisfying than ‘skip ad’

  18. Howtard says:

    Wow I’m actually blown away by how much presence Stephen has in this, just look at his face around a minute in while he’s speaking; dude is terrifying.

  19. Mikael Dume says:

    This is awesome

  20. Laura Rodriguez says:

    Jodie Foster is just the best!!

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