Clash of Clans: Revenge (Official TV Commercial)

Clash of Clans: Revenge (Official TV Commercial)

Be careful who you attack.

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20 Responses

  1. Nocktuk Daze says:

    Moral of the story: never, under *any* circumstances attack Liam Neeson’s
    base. Because if you do, you might as well have be running around with a
    “mug me” shirt on.

  2. The Comentator AB says:

    Hahahah awesome

  3. Lets Clash Epic says:

    Awesome to see during the super bowl

  4. Badmanyamz says:


  5. Christopher Hwang says:

    Clashers those free gems are a scam in order to get them you need to give
    them address and important stuff. Like so people can see

  6. semih tekin says:

    Turkish translate ? Altyazi ?

  7. Gametroll Zobiak says:

    Holy sh ok im not gonna… Im just gonna leave

  8. Martin Jasiukaitis says:

    This video is awesome especially with Liam

  9. TheRabi1234 says:


  10. Soussou Ouchattou says:

    Mdddrr xD

  11. POURIA G says:

    Hahaha nice one

  12. Koen Terlien says:


  13. Xrex Gaming says:

    That guy from taken!

  14. ScalperHero says:

    Hahahahaha thats an awesome add

  15. J'zargo Baratheon says:

    Make animated movie about all the troops 🙂 

  16. AJ Kim says:


  17. LoOrdi Ah says:

    Taken 4 :v

  18. Ahmad Afif Isa says:

    Who is that guy? 

  19. williamdanielw says:

    no entendí alguien me explica :c

  20. Faisal D3g says:

    هههههههه منتهي