Clash Royale Champions Gameplay 🍊

Clash Royale Champions Gameplay 🍊

the BIGGEST UPDATE in Clash Royale history is coming with new champions, Golden Knight, Skeleton King, Archer Queen.
Thanks to Anker for sponsoring this video! Check them out:
New season, skins, units, heroes/champions, chests, level reward system and new Champion rarity cards. Tournament standard is level 11 now.

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44 Responses

  1. Orange Juice Gaming says:

    ALSO… thanks Anker for sponsoring this vid! Check out their products:

  2. FreshmentosMDS says:

    OJ always gives us tips, gameplay, everything we need to know about the new update! Never disappoints us!

  3. Stormz says:

    These champions will definitely get a emergency nerf when they release.

    • Lightning762 says:

      @XxXSwagMaster360NoscopeBlazeItSkayte4lyfe XxX yeah I think they should be 7-9 elixer.

    • Luis Cruz says:

      @jdgdhjxbxhz brawl stars is gay

    • SsEli says:

      This has nothing to do with the video but can someone please please answer me. If a tower has less than 100 hp and it’s overtime, is playing a spell such as fireball/rocket/poison a cheap way to win and anybody who does that is considered unskilled? Or is that how you are suppose to play? (I am trying to prove my friend wrong) please answer somebody and make sure to mention me so I can screenshot

    • Ge Sav says:

      Thw archer for sure

    • gracefool says:

      @SsEli it’s how you’re supposed to play. It’s one of the reasons everyone has spells in their deck.

  4. AN{ I }ME says:

    Can’t wait for oj using archer queen behind golem to destroy enemy carrier’s 😂

  5. BlazyAndrey says:

    The new golden knight will probably be good in bridge spam with that ability

  6. Confused Skeleton says:

    The sponsor was so good.His explanation was great

  7. ReTDC says:

    No one:

    OJ:*Fells down the stairs on his sponsor time*

  8. SirBabyBee says:

    I’m glad they did something as drastic as this, the game hasn’t had any big changes for eons. And seen as the game has been steadily losing players it’s worth the risk.

    • Jorge H says:

      I could disagree with you, I think a there has been a lot of new players and I’m honestly not really for all this cause it will change how the game mechanics are played (which I liked before) and if they champions don’t get nerfed it’s gonna be very OP.just my POV but respect your opinion

  9. Trigger Finger says:

    3:05 are we going to ignore the fact that oj literally broke his ‘anker’ for the sponsorship segment? That’s some true dedication right there xD

  10. Lonely Sandwich says:

    They might’ve done the impossible and saved this game.

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