Clay Shelburn & Zac Stokes- Walmart Rockstars – Pride and Joy

Clay Shelburn & Zac Stokes- Walmart Rockstars – Pride and Joy

via YouTube Capture

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18 Responses

  1. Red Cedar says:

    Not surprising considering that most of the original blues guys played
    total crap instruments. It’s part of the sound.

  2. Wyatt Kane says:

    Love this. We’re gonna need more of you two. 

  3. Han Kim says:


  4. Cabe565 says:


  5. urie p. says:

    Wow. Amazing! Great job

  6. Armen E says:

    blues break

  7. surreyearl says:

    Arrived to hear the guitar; stayed to hear the voices.

  8. MusicandGamesandStuf says:

    The blues is always cool. I know because I play it too.

  9. Joe Heyming says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! Time to pick up the geetar

  10. MrDisgruntledGamer1 says:

    That was amazing, thats like the best thing anyone is ever going to play on
    a toy guitar like that. That guitar’s life is fulfilled.

  11. Jake Graham says:

    Wow you guys are really good. I was not expecting this.

  12. Turpentinee says:

    You know for once vertical seems acceptable here since it’s mostly for the

  13. Marcus Alexius says:

    Chill. inb4 came from reddit xD

  14. Rachel Adams says:

    Holy shit. This video has been in my watch later playlist for about a year,
    and suddenly this has almost a million views.

    What the fuck?

  15. Halopedian says:

    You guys are fucking boss!!

  16. ᅚᅚᅚᅚ says:

    Nice Stevie Ray Vaughan cover.

  17. lopendepaddo says:

    Damn sweet!

  18. Carlos Medina Jr says:

    Bro now i look forward to wal mart…….
    Guitar section…