Clemson Tigers vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets | Full Game Highlights

Clemson Tigers vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets | Full Game Highlights

The Clemson Tigers defeated the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, 41-10, in Week 1 of the college football regular season on Monday. DJ Uiagalelei threw for 209 YDS and 1 TD while Will Shipley led the Tigers in rushing with 42 YDS and 2 TDs in their win.

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47 Responses

  1. TJ says:

    I really am rooting for DJ because he went to my HS and killed it there. That being said that backup looked better in one drive than DJ’s entire time at Clemson. I think it’s time for Dabo to pull the trigger and at a minimum start splitting time between the two.

    • J Ghotier says:

      Don’t know about his HS career like you, but I like your subjectivity here considering 👏👏👏 not a Clemson fan because I’m FSU, but I haven’t really seen anything too much of note at Clemson for the majority. I see the traits and stuff, but it hasn’t materialized on yet field on a good team that’s struggled lately. I agree w/ your backup QB sentiment to. Agree w/ me or not, I think what you said was pretty dang accurate!

    • Matthew Matt says:

      I AGREE,..Clemson won’t get to the Promised Land with QB play anywhere near that mess.. They need to explore their options

    • Top Kingz says:

      @mark fennell this isn’t even close to true

    • Jay mere says:


    • Ty the sports guy😮‍💨 says:

      @Lawrence Gooden yeah but ur saying this about a freshman in his first six snaps of his college career so what ur saying doesn’t matter

  2. Bruce Rivers says:

    Even though GA Tech loss I was impressed to see them go toe to toe with Clemson the first half.

  3. Big Pappa Musk says:

    Thank you Clemson for covering the over, I was scared during that 1st half ahaha

  4. Ting Tingnoy says:

    I see a Lawrence/Bryant situation, by the 3-4th game, the switch needs to be made… for Clemson to have a chance they need the freshman to start asap so by the end of the year he will have more experience, with DJ they have NO chance, the offense looks like it’s in slow motion

    • Mario Gutierrez says:

      Clemson fans are loyal to put up with DJ, he clearly is not it and this was proven last year.

    • Bob Saget says:

      @Michael Vega Because DJ wasn’t the one getting blown up on the right side of the Oline. He wasn’t the one not getting open down field. He wasn’t the one dropping passes. He didn’t play perfect, but he didn’t play that bad. He made big plays. He hit open receivers with perfect passes to get dropped. He didn’t get in any kind of rhythm at the beginning because of the play calling. He made great reads. He made great throws. Yall write him off too quickly.

    • Michael Vega says:

      @Daniel Miller it doesn’t matter if all we have seen from Cade is one series. Which btw we have seen more from him in camp as well. What matters is that DJ is a proven loser, so why continue with a proven loser when you have a potential winner?

    • THE Jacob Watson says:

      Unlike 2018 though theirs a ton of other holes on this Clemson offense including the offensive line,play calling and the receivers aren’t anything special although not terrible in 2018 Lawerence had a stacked roster around him but in 2022 Clemson doesn’t that’s just the truth 💯

    • tanner s says:

      @Ting Tingnoy yeaaa, he didn’t look that bad bro. Boring play calling and bad o line were to blame for alot of it. The majority of his passes were very accurate, plus some were flat out dropped, and he can improvise. I’ll give Dabo the benefit of the doubt about his decision to start DJ. Not saying Cade isn’t gonna be the starter later, but chill, other than the fumble, which was a good punch by the defensive player, and a couple of shakey moments, he didn’t look like “garbage”. Just kinda sounds like you’re more interested in cade starting vs giving DJ the benefit of the doubt. He was bad last year, and I’m not saying cade isn’t better, but DJ has a lot of talent and is obviously motivated, he worked off like 30 pounds or something just to be more dynamic.

  5. Daniel Miller says:

    Cade looked good but it was one series against a gassed GA tech defense IN GARBAGE time and they weren’t even trying to cover lol. Give him time to develop , that offensive line is atrocious and they can risk ruining him by just trotting him out there. That being said, Clemson’s defense is really great.

  6. Nate Cruz says:

    This was really more like a 21-10 game. Don’t let that score fool you into thinking they dominated the entire game

  7. ampinghard111 says:

    Im young enough to remember seeing what DJ looked like behind an “okay” offensive line filling in for Lawrence. How he went from that to trash is mind blowing…. until you remember that it’s FOOTBALL and QBs go as their supporting casts go. It’s no coincidence that the guy called the best QB of this decade also has had by far the best supporting cast of the last 5 years. Mahomes has had the most weapons in the NFL til now and a top 10 o-line since his rookie year.

    • BK Banks says:

      @D’S Beats exactly! DJ has a strong arm, but fails to connect with his receivers. Sometimes he makes bad decisions and doesn’t let the ball go when needed too. Kid had way too much hype coming out of high school to still be playing like this. I’m a Clemson fan, so I agree with you. He only looked good his Freshman year because he was only behind Trevor who held that sh*t down. I like DJ, but he needs a lot of work

    • Amin says:

      @D’S Beats the oline was bad last year nd not to team up on the kid but he just wasn’t playing well regardless of the line play. But I agree w/ you. The score is deceiving to me nd I don’t know why or how they are ranked 4 after last year w/ all the major offseason losses

    • D’S Beats says:

      You have to watch the games because it’s not all the offensive line fault DJ struggles to throw outside the numbers I feel like every pass was a RPO or a screen like legit they barely can connect on passes farther than 20 yards at against good defenses and more talented teams they are going to get shredded

    • Hengel Andrews says:

      It’s not just the O-Line it’s the terrible play calling and design. Every passes was a deep drop back and then wait till things unfolded. Where are the screens, 5 yard outlets, draw plays and boots? The play caller knows the line is suspect and he’s just asking EJ to stand back there and hope. Clemson has the players, but all the coaches suck!

  8. billabonggolkpr says:

    And now no one in the ACC is scared of Clemson. Also the targeting rule is hot garbage. If the defender put his head down to go into the chest the runner subsequently lowers his head and they hit heads it’s the runner’s fault not the defenders.

    • DCSaso Casablanca says:

      @Mack LOL, They played Awful, awful Tech. A good football team would have beat Clemson by 2 touchdowns yesterday. GT is AWFUL , like High School awful and 2 blocked punts, do not cover up how bad Clemson really is, despite huge amount of talent. Coaching and QB play is Clemson Achilles heel. They will lose 3 games in the ACC.

    • Bob Saget says:

      whether he hit the runner’s helmet or foot…doesn’t matter. It’s the leading with the crown that does. Targeting isn’t only helmet to helmet.

    • launchbase says:

      stop trying to tackle with the crown of your head. there is no situation where you tackle with your helmet that you couldn’t have made that same tackle with your shoulder or arms. these kids can injure themselves for life doing that

    • lanesteele240 says:

      Targeting rule was made to protect the ball carrier and defender. You can depress the spine tackling head first

  9. Eddie GainZ says:

    Backup QB throws were on the money!!! I’ll love to see more of him.

  10. DJValentino864 says:

    I seen a great win by the team!!
    DJ had some amazing throws…
    Defense was fierce…
    Cade look Great…
    Great 1st Game…On to the Next!

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