Clemson’s blowout of Alabama saved college football – Stephen A. | First Take

Clemson’s blowout of Alabama saved college football – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith of First Take explains why he thinks the Clemson Tigers saved college football in their win vs. the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2019 National Championship.

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102 Responses

  1. DJBVA08 says:

    Clemson won because Sunshine could make the pitch

  2. The Home Dipo says:

    Clemson broke Alabama last night was beautiful to watch

    • LowqualityTop10s says:

      +Negus For Life but they weren’t though

    • LowqualityTop10s says:

      +Kahner Ruffin your attempt to troll people is very sad

    • Ty Crawford says:

      +Tommy Valdepena Listen I wasn’t even the first person to say that. And yes I know that Clemson beat Alabama, they played great, but Alabama did make a lot of mistakes and bad calls which is why I agreed witht the other guy that they also beat themselves. Obviously Clemson beat them though??‍♂️

    • Ty Crawford says:

      +LowqualityTop10s I know thats what Im saying. Everyone likes to see those teams lose which is crazy. Like i understand if they are playing against the team you like then obviously tou dont want them to win. But there are some people who aren’t even fans of Clemson yet they are so happy that that they beat Alabama just because Alabama is a winning team.

    • Joe Briggs Jr says:

      But that sounds like something a guy who got his cheeks busted would say.

  3. Warren Rod says:

    I see Stephen a Smith Not Saying….ROLL TIDE..He A Little humble I See.

  4. maxmax87l says:

    They show Georgia how to not blow a lead

  5. Nehemiah Howard says:

    Clemson busted them cheeks

  6. z33n1c3 says:

    This man just said “Dick Saban” 1:04

  7. Sheng Guo says:

    These same 2 teams will be back next yr anyways. Congrats to Clemson btw

  8. CURRENCY365 says:

    MAX be lying lmaooooooooooooooooooooo

  9. w j says:

    Nothing against Alabama college players just hate cocky Alabama fans this was bitter sweet

    • Jeffrey Hudson says:


    • Gabriel Hendon says:

      Can’t pick on Alabama for having cocky fans, every team does.

    • Sports with Nick says:

      I NEVER thought I’d say this, but Clemson made Bama look foolish, unprepared and undisciplined. The Tigers deserve ALL the credit in the world. Went OFF on this on my channel today.

    • blakethe yovngking says:

      I see where you’re coming from. I’m a Bama fan, but I’m the quiet “just watch and enjoy the game” type of fan. There are a lot of loyal ones like me, but there are a lot more bandwagons out there

    • Gabriel Hendon says:

      blakethe yovngking can’t stand the fans that r cocky or rub it in. Sooo annoying.

  10. David Lee says:

    Somebody said “Bama fans haven’t been this upset since the Brown v. Board of Education decision.”

  11. Harman Kaloty says:

    Who remembers Stephen A. Smith’s List of 5 Top College Football Teams:
    1. Alabama
    2. Alabama
    3. Alabama
    4. Alabama
    5. Alabama

  12. James Manuel says:

    Max is ass plain and simple how easily he lies lol

  13. Sicangu Nagi says:

    Nick Saban needed this piece of humble pie

    • jimmy5634 says:

      Sicangu Nagi
      He got it in 2015 from the Buckeyes too.
      Ezekiel Elliott went for 240 yards and ran over around and through the Bama D

  14. Jerrod Green says:

    Max str8 up lying smh

  15. Fred Thomas says:

    Clemson got the best QB in all of college football facts

    • Bankroll Guwop says:

      Hutch_2323 he’s the only true freshman QB to start and play in a national championship and win it in this era, NO ONE else has done it since the 1900s ? Trevor was made for this shit here, he’s a goat

    • Ike Mike says:

      Nah, I just don’t see it, at this rate if they keep hyping him up he’ll end up like Tim teebow

    • Hutch_2323 says:

      +Bankroll Guwop Again, I never said he wasn’t good. There is major room for improvement though. He didn’t win this all by himself. Their defense is what shut Bama down. His WRs gave him his stat sheet the look it had

    • Hutch_2323 says:

      +Ike Mike Well when you have people who jump on bandwagons and hype things up, that’s the end result LMAO

    • SuperRavensfan101 says:

      RajOfColumbus I’m inclined to agree except… Purdue is a thing unfortunately other than that Lawrence was the perfect QB all season 15-0 and i understand Kelly Bryant started the first few games but Clemson was just better than OSU this year so IMO Trevor>Haskins, if Lawrence was in the draft this year most scouts would have him going first overall. ?‍♂️

  16. dandybrian says:

    Max is lying….everyone was talking about Kyler and Tua all season

  17. NFL Superfan says:

    Last time Alabama lost this bad was during the civil war

  18. Dwann Thomas says:

    Drake f’d it up. Stop bandwagon jumping bro

    • Alejandro Flores says:

      Dwann Thomas seriously. I fucking hate it when celebrities do that shit. They just want exposure. Fake ass fans.

    • Triple 4 says:

      I highly doubt that a no talent rapper ruined alabama’s chance to win by simply choosing them to win. You people are stupid ?

    • Alejandro Gomez says:

      I hate that shit about Drake, I just saw him with the Seattle Seahawks that year they won the Superbowl.

    • norlens noel says:

      Drake is like that slutty girl groupie that throws himself to all the players all giggly and ? blushing

  19. pswag200 says:

    Just happy Clemson kept that lead unlike other teams ?

  20. kyle stewart says:

    After OU drilled Alabama in the sugar bowl. Saban tried for years to get rules changed about spread offenses. He was denied. And THeN he changed his offense to Big-12 style offense. Saban knew that any defense from any conference was gonna get shredded against the fast paced Mike Leach style offense ran in the Big12.

    SEC fans need to stop drinking the ESPN CoolAid. Your conference is NO better then any other P5 conference. ESPN own SEC tv rights. So they constantly talk them UP which BTW really helps The SEC in recruiting. But nonetheless everyone is beatable.

    • Lost in Tennessee says:

      Carter Thomas quit with that bullshit, they should have handled a rebuilding #15 Texas team but they were beat up all game long. Quit drinking the kool aid and making idiotic excuses.

    • Connor McDonald says:

      +Word To Yo bama #What’s Braking Nigaa!! There is a distinct difference between having the country’s best team and being the country’s best conference. For the sake of comparison, take the New England Patriots: they’ve dominated the AFC and to an extent the NFL as a whole over the past decade-and-a-half, but no one would accuse the AFC East of being the league’s best division (though to be fair, upper mid-tier SEC teams have been comparatively more successful than the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins). The SEC WAS dominant conference-wide during the late 00’s and early 10’s, but the past few years it hasn’t been: it’s had a couple elite programs, but the rest of the teams have been relatively lackluster, which has been reflected by the SEC’s losing bowl record over the past 3 seasons (4-6, 5-6, and then 6-6 this year).

    • Word To Yo bama #What's Braking Nigaa!! says:

      Connor McDonald ok if the SEC is overrated because Alabama lost 1 game in the last 2 years, what does that make Norte Dame and Oklahoma conferences then, because if I’m not mistaken they also lost in this year playoffs. Last year the chip was between two SEC teams, and what conference is better? And lastly if you think the SEC teams are overrated, then BEAT them before they make the championship game! Otherwise there will be an SEC team represented in the championship game every season

    • Lost in Tennessee says:

      Word To Yo bama #What’s Braking Nigaa!! Um nobody can play them because the only out of conference games the SEC teams play are Div 2 schools and bottom feeder non power 5 schools. Even when they do play a halfway decent team it’s in a “neutral” location that halfway across the country for the other team but down the road for the SEC team.

    • noliano3 says:


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