Clerks 3 Official Trailer

Clerks 3 Official Trailer

Today’s job duties include clocking in and watching this trailer for Clerks III. #Clerks3

Tickets available now at with the code “SILENT”. Get yours before tickets open to the public Friday at 10 AM local time!

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26 Responses

  1. Kevin Smith says:

    Tickets available now with the code SILENT at Get yours before tickets open to the public Friday at 10 AM local time!

  2. Sly Shooter Gaming says:

    Ah man, this gave me some serious nostalgia, reminds me of simpler times. Can’t wait for this movie.

  3. WrecklessEating says:

    Can’t wait!

  4. AcidGlow says:

    DAMN! That’s awesome to see this come back! The original cast is back! 😁 Time sure flies by.

  5. Darth Davius says:

    I remember meeting Jason Mewes in 2016. I asked him if he was ever going to reprise the role of Jay. He said he was in Clerks 3 but it got cancelled at the time because one of the main characters (Randall) wouldn’t commit to the film. But that another film was in the works which ended up being the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Also, he is super awesome in person

  6. EternityInGaming says:

    Thanks for sticking around Kevin 😀 Loved your movies since I was a kid even if I probably shouldn’t’ve been watching em lol

  7. brandon McCarver says:

    Love the fact that right off the bat this doesn’t seem like some pointless Cash grab sequel, but very very personal and a damn good reason to bring these characters back! Kevin Smith has always been amazing in that regard. Can’t wait for this and the eventual Mallrats 2!!

    • EmperorSteele says:

      It’s basically the making of Clerks, except without the existential crisis kicking-off point… though K.S. DID have a heart attack a few years ago which prompted him to make a bunch of different life changes, so, it’s still personal in that regard, too =)

    • The Nerdy Therapist says:

      I wonder if Mallrats 2 will be about how (many) malls are closing down and the nostalgia all of us have for it…….hard to believe stuff like that is going away

    • LtChachee says:

      All the Clerks movies have felt this way, and that’s why I love them so much.

  8. Mr. Ultrafino says:

    I know it’s gonna be weird, but honestly, I don’t care at all. It makes me smile and it makes me feel like I belong to a secret society of weirdos that have been in all this for years and quite honestly, it feels awesome. Cheers to you, Kevin. I love you, man!

  9. Nicholas says:

    This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. Congratulations Kevin! This looks so amazingly wonderful and heartfelt

  10. Jacob Skorpak says:

    I absolutely love how in the most meta way that Kevin Smith can, he manages to turn Randall into himself. Although the heart attack wasn’t his inspiration for the original he wrote Randall for himself. But the heart attack helped Kevin make Jay/Bob Reboot and I assume this one as well. I only pray that it sticks to real life and Randall doesn’t die in the end.

    • Blue Screen says:

      Which is funny, cause Randall was originally wrote to be played by Kev, that’s why he had the best lines in Clerks. But Dante is the one that is actually based off of Kev.

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