Cleveland Browns reveal new uniforms

Cleveland Browns reveal new uniforms

Uniforms are much more than just a piece of clothing.
They connect us to the team, older players to new players, and generations to each other.
Introducing the Cleveland Browns 2020 uniforms.
To purchase jerseys call 440.824.3427 or visit

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66 Responses

  1. xXCracklesXx says:


  2. ChoppaCal says:

    Dawg Pound lets go!

  3. Colin Tackett says:


  4. Fraco's Booking says:

    I think were getting are jJim Brown jersys back 50s And 60s

  5. Darth Buckeye says:

    Why am I here 21 hours early.
    Answer: Because I’m hyped!!!!

    • Darth Buckeye says:

      Omega Man I can agree those people are annoying. But the comment was meant to be a joke and not like those people. I thought I would be funny because it was in my recommended 21 hours early

    • Omega Man says:

      @Darth Buckeye that’s the issue with commenting online. It’s difficult to convey sarcasm.

    • Darth Buckeye says:

      Omega Man I totally agree. But I swear that’s what I meant. I’m sorry if it came out like I was bragging but that honestly wasn’t what I was going for.

    • I Dare you to PayPal Me for no Reason says:

      i have viral video

  6. USC Trojan Fan says:

    Why am I waiting for this video to be on recommend. Cuz I am Cleveland Browns fan. Obj “I’m him”. Jarvis Landry “the jungle”
    Dawgs gotta eat

  7. Kyle Mansuy says:

    Someone lit the teaser picture up and this is the uniform:
    Jersey: Plain white jersey, brown numbers, no shoulder stripes
    Pants: Brown
    Socks: White base with old school stripes

  8. Josh Brickman says:

    Here we go Brownies here we go!!

    • Zach Wells says:

      Aydin Hall let me guess a bengals fan

    • Eryk Ralston says:

      Zach Wells at least they went to a super bowl and I’m not even a bengals or browns fans

    • Michael Britt says:

      @Eryk Ralston Yeah that’s great but haven’t won jack s**t. The Browns at least won 4 NFL championships before it was called a super bowl. In other words, it’s no different. NFL just decided to change it from championship to something a little more catchier, The Super Bowl😳. Wow!! It’s just unfortunate how unlucky this franchise has been sense the super bowl era. Typically because of bad owners and front office management throughout the years but I wouldn’t expect you to know the history of the Browns because your not a fan. Just curious who’s your team?

    • Eryk Ralston says:

      Michael Britt the Pittsburgh Steelers and they at least went to a super bowl more than zero times. Sure I respect that your a browns fans. But they suck. If the last time they went to the super bowl. The super bowl doesn’t exist. There just low cows who will always suck

    • Michael Britt says:

      @Eryk Ralston Right, I agree we have been a poor franchise, that’s to put it mildly, and I will say since the 70’s the Steelers have been one of if not the greatest franchise in the NFL. Yes, I despise the team/franchise but I respect them. With that said, throughout the history of the Steelers they won 6 super bowls/NFL Championships. The Browns have won 4 NFL Championships just haven’t won any under the fancy title, Super Bowl. That was my argument, super bowl is just a catchy title for NFL Championship. The Bengals only went to a championship/super bowl but not won any.

  9. John Slavik says:

    I need an orange color rush jersey in my life. This stimulus check is burning a hole in my pocket.

  10. Daniel White says:


  11. Drew Vascik says:

    Boutta have an old school look, gonna be drip hopefully

  12. Justin Wilson says:

    So all this means is that the change 5 years ago was really dumb, and going back to 6 years ago. With still no effective updating.

    • Justin Wilson says:

      @Emrid Atla more of a browns fan I’d say, but enjoy the whole league.

    • TheQueenFan9 says:

      @the1 Lol. You really can’t make this shit up. I’m pretty sure that he’s still under investigation from the FBI, too.
      The rest of the owners seriously allowed THIS guy into their ranks?

    • Emrid Atla says:

      @Justin Wilson that really surprised me, only because the browns fans I personally know would probably be livid if the Browns put a logo on the helmet. They’re very traditionalists in that since.

      As a Rams fan, I am super worried that they (the Rams) are going to royally mess up their new unis that they’ll be unvialing sometime between now and kickoff.

      I don’t have strong opinions either way for these new Browns unis except that I really didn’t like the ones they did in 2016.

      Personally I think Nike has been doing a horrible job with these redesigns since getting the NFL contract.

    • Justin Wilson says:

      Emrid Atla why I said “I don’t know”. Started with the point that a change may not be needed at all, and only added That the brownie elf helmet has some steam behind it. Not sure I personally agree, but it would be an update from the uniform 6 years ago

    • Dylan Prewett says:

      @the1 thos 2014 jerseys were one of the best theyve ever had. So yeah, makes sense

  13. Jamal145 Catalog Hog says:

    The brown color rush jersey with the orange pants would be sick

  14. HappyTheCamper says:

    I’m just happy they don’t say “BROWNS” up the side of the pant legs…

    • Uba Tooba says:


    • Uba Tooba says:

      @Jay Parker I surely think that……seems to be true…..

    • A A says:

      @Zachary Jones It’s not “outdated”. This is a timeless look. This is basically the same look they’ve had since the 60s. If you’re a Browns fan, this shouldn’t be surprising. They have been saying for months that this is what they were going to do. You should have already known.

    • I Dare you to PayPal Me for no Reason says:

      dont read my name

  15. GG4GJake says:

    It’s like when coke released new coke so e everyone would buy it and try it and then realizing it’s bad. So then they release classic Coke. Sales rise

  16. Adrian McCoy says:

    😂 I think we’ve seen everything they can do to a Cleveland Browns uniform. 🤦‍♂️

    • Paul Chism says:

      nah…how about this one… Combat boots and a jockstrap/g-string/male thong (Browns colors). Now that I think about it…the ref is gonna have to get REALLY PERSONAL so he can see the number emblazoned on the front of that “package”

    • King Nate Sr. says:

      Yea pretty much.. Especially considering new ownership agreed to keep it that way, when they purchased the team from the Lerner’s.
      Al Lerner’s statue couldn’t be removed either.

  17. 2000om28v says:

    Seizure warning: A lot of unnecessary flashing lights!

  18. Isaac McQuown says:

    I am shocked at how diffrent they look i have never seen anything like them.

  19. Drew Nickerson says:

    🤦🏾‍♂️ why didn’t y’all just do orange brown and white and keep it simple

  20. Horsey McHorseFace says:

    Plot twist: the name on the back of the jerseys all say “Browns”

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