Clever Feat. Polo G & G Herbo “All In” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

Clever Feat. Polo G & G Herbo “All In” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for “All In” by Clever Feat. Polo G & G Herbo.

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Directed by Laka Films
Music Produced by DJ Victoriuz
Video Produced by PRSM Productions & Brian Haggerty
Assistant Director – Ashley Nosike
Director of Photography – Jake Baine & Austin Vinas
Steadicam by – Austin Vinas
Editor: Nathan Rodgers, Brandon Holmes, PRSM Productions
Music by JJ Stevenz

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63 Responses

  1. Alto Watts IV says:

    I fw all 3 of heavy so when I saw they did a song together, this the FASTEST I’ve ever clicked on a song ???

  2. Josh 新 says:

    Clever makes every song better ngl. This dudes voice is something else ??

  3. RR FTW says:

    They shouldve let king ace spit a verse ?

  4. Haroon Qureshi says:

    Clever is one clever dude getting polo g and herbo on a track ??

    • Niyeree Jones says:

      You one lame ass nigga for this comment??

    • Gavin Clarke says:

      clever isn’t good he just gets good people on his tracks

    • Outal says:

      @Gavin Clarke he a millionaire is sighnd to record label has put out multiple hits has millions of fans remind me what have you done with your life

    • Gavin Clarke says:

      Outal first of all stick by my side is only good because of choppa, this song is only good because of polo g and his song loyalty is straight ass. so shut your bitch ass up and go listen to a good rapper not some random ass dude named clever that looks like he makes heavy metal ? ??

    • Gavin Clarke says:

      Outal you stream fortnite wtf have you done with your life

  5. GFAMS Tv says:

    “Stay out dat water unless you ready to swim wit grown man” ?? Herboo?

  6. LeoCarilloCamper says:

    Clever gonna drop a big album and more dope singles this summer just you watch

  7. Yocimar Moreno says:

    “Gods children but we all sin” that hit different ??

  8. BBG Az says:

    “Lord its so many questions why i got the hand that i was dealt”??

  9. Chlorine Bleach says:

    You Summer Will Be The Greatest?

    LiKe To AcTiVaTe

  10. The Best Rapper You Never Heard Of says:

    Came here expecting something savage but Polo G spitting that real!!!????

  11. Five Mode says:

    Girl: So what am I doing?
    Producers: The rappers are gonna baptize you about 10 times
    Girl: nuff said

  12. Breezo TV says:

    Who else waiting for ImDontai to react

    Like if you are

  13. RapBattle says:

    more like G Herbo Ft. Polo G – All In

  14. Sleepy Beats says:

    “Pills got his mind twisted he ain’t acting like himself. They don’t know what’s going inside, we crying out for help”


  15. Yung Andiii says:

    King ace in the cut that’s a scary sight!!
    Chicago love

  16. Jake Kurosaki says:

    “Everybody real great from the sideline
    Why I don’t ever see y’all play?”??????????

  17. Yung Puerto says:

    Everyone came for Polo G and G herbo. I just came for Clever ? how is this not trending already

  18. POLO G says:

    I just pray i stay humble?,every lost made me a man??

  19. goldengames says:

    Bro I say polo G and G herbo need more songs together ????

  20. Snupee - Topic says:

    Clever makes every song weird asf to me like it’s like having Bryson tiller on the same song as Boosie Kodak and youngboy but this overall ?

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