Click and Drag – Instant Influencer

Click and Drag – Instant Influencer

This week on Instant Influencer, the artists are challenged to create their ultimate drag transformation. 💄 Winner of RuPauls Drag Race Trixie Mattel joins us, and is not afraid to drag a bad look. Who has what it takes to become a beauty superstar?

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73 Responses

  1. John Savino says:

    ASHLEYYYYYYYYY im literally quiting if sis dont win periodt.

  2. Vibrxnt Vivii says:

    No offense to Indigo, but when he snatched that wig, karma snatched him back… Though I’m glad Benny didn’t get it, as I feel he would have done worse with it.

    • Emy R.H says:

      Vibrxnt Vivii Benny would have obviously slayed , that was a waste of wig for indigo 🤣

    • Chad Morgan says:

      Gabriel should of went home he was in the bottom last episode it’s like rupaul’s drag race Ferrari if your in the bottom twice your going home

    • AJolly Panda says:

      What is wrong with people; its a competition. Benny didn’t win the challenge and hence Isnt entitled to anything, he tried to snatch the wig from indigo because indigo called for it first. He just wasn’t fast enough.

  3. G -DRAGON says:

    *Noooo not indigo he was my favorite the guy with the eyes should of left ughhhh*

  4. Adrianna Malaya says:

    ashley is definitely one of the best ! i believe she’s gone win this !

  5. Aisha ༄ says:

    let’s be real indigo and ashley we’re definitely probably the most creative & artistic people on the show. he just didn’t hit the mark for this challenge. kinda wish he stayed bc i know her would’ve slayyedddd

  6. salsa says:

    Ashleys so talented but idk why she’s someone with a personality im gonna avoid irl

  7. Hillary says:

    Ashley is the kind of girl who is naturally talented, that’s why it’s my favorite !

  8. nine brl says:

    why is no one talking about norvina’s dress and makeup ?????

  9. studywithcici says:

    i feel like indigo taking the wig was karma.

  10. Wagner Kowaleski says:

    that circled eyeliner was not even close of being red carpet ready wtf

  11. Zootoo 197 says:

    LMAO Benny smiling while Indigo is crying because he took his wig 💀💀💀

  12. averylindenn says:

    I love how James pretends to yawn as if he’s just woken up with a full face of makeup

  13. runchranda xo says:

    i love how expressionless ashley is like even when she won, she was like ‘wow😐’. shes so talented too!

  14. Wrapped Nut says:

    The whole show, from the producing to quality and editing couldn’t be more professional. James slayed it. He’s a natural host, he manages to stay professional, put his personality in it and be funny all at the same time, and the contestans are really good, talented and most importantly, acting natural. Wish nothing but the best for James and his team, the contestans and of course, the show! Best Youtube Original so far!

  15. Babygravebat says:

    The way James sends contestants home has been the most respectful and nuturing way I have ever witnessed in any competition. It really changed my view on him.

  16. afrouzasabiela says:

    i’m kinda obsessed with this show rn, and i love the fact that they decided to not put excessive drama and unnecessary beef. hope this stays that way tbh

    • Lauren _ says:

      yeah! i like that it’s focused on the makeup, not too much on petty fights between contestants

  17. Your Grandma says:

    I just realised you can tell who’s going to be the next guest by who the show is following in their instagram. Some of them is Bretman Rock, Makeup by Mario and Nikita Dragun

  18. Amaya Joyce says:

    James is actually a great actor. Like I know he didn’t just wake up (full face of makeup and prepared script) but coulda fooled me.

  19. Kaylarty Create says:

    Can we just appreciate the fact that this is free

  20. Vickso says:

    Gabriel deserved to go home. He’s like the Roxxxy Andrews of IF

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