Join Click as we find out who is the fittest in Click?
Is it going to be anyone else but Marcus?

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49 Responses

  1. Kuivia says:

    ngl i was shocked about bazz and elliott with the DL and i thought cray seemed stronger:P

  2. ZinoPlayz says:

    Marcus: I am sweaty fitness nerd in click
    Lazarbeam: I am the human equivalent of a default, also I am bot

  3. Richard Rey Vega says:

    Marcus is just rockin pull-ups and everything else

  4. Thanos The grape says:

    Who else was not at all surprised when Lannan found a way to break the rules.

  5. Darth Inferno says:

    When cray was in his tank top he looked like a cowboy boxer from the Wild West

  6. Louise M says:

    How is it fair to have everyone competing against Cray the Strongman? ?

  7. TeeBob says:

    Lannan is in click even though he wears sidemen merch

  8. Tyler Russell says:

    Bazz: he has back problems
    Lannan: he has asthma
    me: he also has a degree in psychology

  9. Husk Slayer says:

    Every one compares the sidemen with click let’s settle it once and for all,ksi vs Marcus

  10. Aron says:

    Muselk could have got the 120kg if he used mixed grip
    I’m surprised they didn’t get any bicep tears, I could barely watch the deadlift part :/

  11. Ethan Jansen says:

    Loserfruit: You’re not going as fast as I thought you would.

    My brain: that’s what she said

  12. Constellations says:

    We can all agree that Lannan may not be the strongest but he sure is the thiccest.

  13. Surya Raju says:

    1:56 Wait a minute…… I’m 6 feet 2 but I weigh the same as Cray.
    I was expecting feel bad about myself after this video but not like this!

  14. Titanius says:

    do a vid where everybody in click 1v1 each other in fortnite to see who is the best fortnite player in click

  15. rager gamer says:

    Maybe I should start working out

    I literally weigh more than Muselk so yeah

  16. Evan Pidgeon says:

    Day one of asking Click to do the 60,000 calorie challenge

  17. Tara Boyle says:

    They said they would do five exercises, but only did four. What was the hidden exercise?

  18. My Butt says:

    Cray: *takes off his shirt*


  19. fluffyhead101 says:

    they messed up on the weight lifting 110kg ≠ 108lb

  20. Lovely doughnuts says:

    Click should learn one lengauge and do : Who can last the longest without speaking English

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