click here if you want to see unending sadness

click here if you want to see unending sadness

Happy Birthday Wade and thank you all for 17 Million Subscribers! Bob and Wade are in town for the week and we’re working on the tour that’s happening this summer! And yes it ACTUALLY IS Wade’s birthday so please send him some love through his links down below!


Also Wade:

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20 Responses

  1. Frapuccino Catt says:

    happy birfday waed n gud job on 17 milyen meatball subs markimoo love ya

  2. M.A.D Gaming says:

    Congrats!!…… On getting a year older Wade!!

  3. mrs.brightside says:

    The ad I had to watch was longer than the actual video. 🙁

  4. Aiden Larson says:

    I really hope mark is not really in an unending sadness if this is the way he fells I just can’t get over the I feel sad video and he has been hinting to him being sad for a while now like every other video and screw you wade.

  5. Arvind The Sharpshooter says:

    Don’t worry Mark i have been watching you since the past 5 years
    …. I will also notice you when you hit 9999999999999 million subscribers ?☺️?

  6. LaseRain says:

    Aw man.. I feel so bad for him..
    But that end pose tho!

  7. Bear And Boots says:

    hello dark news my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again.

    welcome again, figurative personification of sad negative emotion. I’ve come to discourse about my feelings of sadness through a poem accompanied by unhappy music

    Commonly used kind phrase used to politely greet people greeting for a metaphorical personification of an area or space that has little to no lightness, that is not usually used in a positive context that i have not seen in along time, that probably has aged over several years,which will make it hard for me to recognize the sad dark feeling that I havent felt in a long time,that I still acquaint and associate myself with,because it is a sad feeling that I cannot get rid of because nothing is perfect,
    I have made myself travel and arrive to a figurative point that I come to when ever I am not feeling at maximum mental health to  discourse things from my brain and emotions to screed to you about through poetic ballad that’s adjoined by negative depressed toned music

  8. Freddy Fazbear says:

    Markiplier When are you doing more SCP Containment Breach videos. Their is like 8 NEW SCP’S

  9. VaneFox says:

    Wow I can’t believe Wade is already 7 years old. I feel old now…

  10. Media bros Central says:

    Mark my b day is on Friday can I get a happy b day

  11. DuckDog Games says:

    Mark be squating like TRUE SLAV!

  12. -Static Wolf -The Fallen Angel- says:

    17 million Omg. *looks at the veiws on this video and last weeks and the week before that* where the fuck are those 16 million in the first place.

  13. MiriQL Movies says:

    You look like the meme “autistic screaming” in the end picture….

  14. Marcela_Games says:

    I want the dog 😀

  15. Sam SK Sim says:

    what did he librian say to the kid?

    read more

  16. pikagammerplus pizza says:

    This is me every day…
    Congratulations Wade now you can start poddy training.

  17. Nano 09 says:

    So, 1 million people wanted to see unending sadness??

  18. Rhys Beaupre says:

    Cheer up Markimoo! You have your 17,020,589(and counting) subscribers! We all love your videos. for the people who dislike your videos can just go get a damn life! We love you Markimoo! <3

  19. Mecha Nick says:

    Is Mark doing the *autistic screeching* meme?

  20. Asinine Trash says:

    Wade a minute…
    I thought Wade was 777 years old…not just 7

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