Join Click as we play the SILENT CHALLENGE!

Special thanks to Kevin from SMG4:


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54 Responses

  1. AlecGamez • says:

    4:21 Lannan trying to suffocate Cray with his bare hand. The REAL Lazarbeam Australian way

  2. Onecrazy Bacon says:

    The new “a quiet place” sequel is looking good

  3. Julian Joseph says:


    Kids after their teacher says next person to make a sound goes to the office: 5:49

  4. ScreenBratz says:

    Why does lannan have a bucket in the first 20-30 seconds


    The way Bazza looked at muselk when muselk was biting the carrot

  6. twisty fresh nipples says:

    However many likes this gets is as loud as Lannan screams at Elliot

    Edit:as of now, we’re at 200… THAT’S PRETTY LOUD

  7. Kailyn Wulf says:

    The smartest thing lannon has said I am more of a pepsi guy but ?

  8. Skrilla da Gorilla says:

    When you get chips and don’t want your parents to hear

  9. Karin Michelle says:

    Lazar at the 1st challenge is me trying to get food at 4am without waking up my sleeping mother…

  10. SlitherCraft Gray says:

    Anyone noticed the click profile picture sideways is like the assault class icon on battlefield v lmao

  11. mrminigamer says:

    The fact that everyone is dying I am aswell

  12. VibeZz says:

    This is how many times you held your breath

  13. hannah mugridge says:

    Y is this in my recommend but I’m glad

  14. Anonymous Unofficial says:

    7:53 ‘Mine’s small but I do a good job with it’ – Lannan 2019.

  15. Corey Havu says:

    Elliot: Lannan don’t you feel better not cheating

    Lannan: No, my score was lower before

  16. Siplidrip4life says:

    Bazz: I used to work at a store so I’m good at opening boxes
    *gets 70.0 and breaks the box* ? ?

  17. GamingwithJay says:

    Kevin convince click to play sm64 (for all u dum peeps super mario 64)

  18. Snipernoob 222 says:

    6:06. And here we have a rare hippo mating call

  19. the speedy pro says:

    Smg4 and click,the best cross over,I watch both of them

  20. ChewyMcStuffins says:

    Is this the training course for “a quiet place”?

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