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43 Responses

  1. WaresTheWolf says:

    “Tickle their balls a little bit!”
    -ProZD 2018

  2. JeffWB311 says:

    It wasn’t the title that got me it was the Youtuber

  3. Grafton Brown says:

    *DOCTORS* (and YouTube moderators) *HATE HIM*

  4. Jeeves Anthrozaur says:

    Shorten it to just


  5. Marcus says:


  6. Filip Lalovic says:

    Y O U W O N T B E L I E V E

  7. Veridian says:


  8. BasicLee / LeeTheNPC says:

    0:15 i love how the cat just runs away in the background.

  9. A little bit of Monika says:

    can you believe???

  10. Blazing Kite says:

    A clickbait video that is not a clickbait???? What kind of clickbait is this?!?!?

  11. Fluffy Ninja says:


  12. NSan says:

    This is some good meta humor.

  13. Mark Riffalo says:

    Dang i thought the pedro pascal thing was bullshit, turned out he is gonna act in wonder woman 2

  14. RedTeamReview says:

    “THE ONE THEORY EVERYONE DIDN’T NOTICE/CATCH/FORGOT” – Clickbaiting in the Thrones community.

  15. blink182izawsm says:

    *tickle them **_mooooore_*

  16. KrapeeDoodles says:

    Minecraft Youtubers: OMG! I SUMMONED LOGAN PAUL!
    Thumbnail: Shock face + Zombie with golden helmet and a blue leather tunic

  17. Wicked Amoeba says:

    Kitty siting at 0:17

  18. WickedRibbon says:

    “Thomas Dipshit” should be the global shorthand to describe your average facebook user.

  19. Timzi Limi says:

    You got to tickle their balls a little bit😂😂😂

  20. Just Some Guy with a Mustache says:

    It’s okay Thomas Dipshit. You can admit that you just enjoy getting your balls tickled.

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