Clinton welcomes press aboard campaign plane

Clinton welcomes press aboard campaign plane

For the first time since she announced her candidacy, Hillary Clinton will travel alongside the press aboard her campaign plane.

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20 Responses

  1. DJ KHALED SQUAD #WeDaBest says:

    This old bitch, “Hey Guys!” LMAOOOOO

  2. Bill Nye says:

    What kind of propaganda bullshit is this??? The Clinton News Network has
    seriously gone completely biased. I now realize Hillary is such a fake. She
    hasn’t had a press conference in almost a year and now she just invited
    them on her plane. Talk about buying the media. I am gonna vote for Trump

  3. P Balix says:

    she is not likable at all…i see why obama beat her

  4. Victoria “Kerrybatson” Powers says:

    Hillary Clinton bought over $200 million dollars worth of chocolate.

  5. Yankee Zionist says:

    As they got on they got a list of questions that are “approved” I’m sure..

  6. 4TheRepublic says:

    Trump’s plane is better

  7. ChingWooWang says:

    the media meeting with hillary to collect their paychecks from her.

  8. SupaEMT134 says:

    Holy heck. She looks emaciated and unwell.

  9. Trent Yardley says:

    please clap

  10. Sofia Iverson says:

    Hillary: “Hello mark, Im glad you’re here” loooooool, not biased at all….

  11. storage heater says:

    she can’t even fake sincerity

  12. DamnMyNickIsTaken says:

    “Hello human beings, I am a human being as well. Watch me act totally
    natural, ha ha ha ha.”
    Is she autistic or something?

  13. E Kirby says:

    That was a terrible impersonation of a human female.

  14. raiden41x says:

    She looks tired. Not enough stamina.

  15. boom boom says:

    Damn, I almost feel bad for the dying woman

  16. Zika Rockefeller says:

    Hillary has 5.8 million followers to Trump’s 10.6 million on Facebook. All
    her posts are hated & are her top comments. All his posts are liked & are
    his top comments.

    CNN expect the American public to believe she’s even close to winning?!!!!
    End Electronic Voting! It’s the only way psychopaths like Hillary have a

  17. Kendall Anthony says:

    So when is she gonna answer the questions?!??

  18. Francisco Bizzaro says:

    If she becomes unfit to run, who takes her place?

  19. S young says:

    The most vile, disgusting witch of the west.

  20. Fifty0ne says:

    Omg this is so forced and phony. She is fucking dreading them being there.
    She wanted to avoid the press until election day, there’s no doubt about
    it. She knows the only way she can win is by avoiding answering any
    questions about her scandal infested candidacy. You’re still not going to
    see a formal press conference where she’s forced to take any question
    that’s thrown at her. Trump has done this over a dozen time, and he’s had
    to face extremely tough questions about his mistakes and his rhetoric. At
    least he has the courage to face the music. That’s something I want in a
    leader at least.

    How are voters buying this shit? It looks like a fucking SNL skit! “How was
    your labor day?” Man, she’s really getting pushed up against the ropes with
    those kinds of questions!