Clone Wars Episode 12 FINALE Full Breakdown and All Easter Eggs

Clone Wars Episode 12 FINALE Full Breakdown and All Easter Eggs

The Clone Wars Finale is here and with it, this massive breakdown of all things missed, particularly, the ending…


Vader’s transformation is complete, and we see the lingering Anakin from within the black clad suit at the very end as he hold’s Ahsoka’s lightsaber. The ending was very heavy and moving, as was the rest of the episode. I feel I have more questions now than before I saw the episode. It would have been neat to see Anakin once more, but alas, this leaves George Lucas’ creation of Revenge of the Sith untouched!

May the 4th Be With You!

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98 Responses

  1. Star Wars Theory says:

    May the 4th be with you, everyone!
    What was your favourite part of the finale to The Clone Wars?!

  2. Shaun Salvan says:

    Dude I couldn’t even tell this was animated, I thought this was a movie

    • Gabriel Martinelli says:

      DrewXYFrost 9 was shit. Fucked up the whole story about a anakin

    • Raymond Luna says:

      Phantom menace… I’m sorry I just don’t like that movie and i like all 9 of them. Even though ep 1 is at the bottom

    • GjediKen says:

      @Braiden F. You must be high on spice or somethin. Trolls will be trolls

    • Darren Mcclean says:

      @Raymond Luna phantom menace isnt great but dear god how can you say 7,8,9 are better ??
      Go wobble your head a little

    • Jom Erestain says:

      Owen Grady plus Mary Sue On The sequels aka fanfiction

  3. Ragin Lemon says:

    Seeing Jessie’s helmet while the beautiful soundtrack is playing with the republic logo on his helmet broke me. It was such a powerful scene.

  4. Hanakin Sidewalker says:

    The Clone Wars was a story beautifully told and tragically ended. I’m glad to have been there for the entire ride.

  5. Darth Sanake says:

    Ahsoka: *Refuses to kill the clones*

    Obi Wan and Yoda: *Swings lightsabers merrily*

  6. Dingusdoofus XD says:

    I can’t tell what is sadder, the ending of this episode, or the clone who died punching a battle droid.

  7. Krika Moramee says:

    The clone wars is over. I first watched it as a kid and now I finish it as an adult.

    What a damn good show. :’)

  8. Ed James says:

    Technically we already got to see the echos of Obi Wan screaming “you were my brother Anakin” and Anakin saying “I hate you” in the mortis arc, but yeah I totally agree, a little echo of the fight or even a re animation, or even just a little tie in to the end of ROTS would’ve been nice, but hey still an amazing episode nonetheless, genuinely so sad that it’s over but so glad that it ended on such a high note

  9. Jon Jensen says:

    Omg a show called “Vader” that was literally just about Darth Vader before the rebel alliance would be so rad.

    • diana shepherd says:

      oh yeah

    • Jon Jensen says:

      Nicholas Burns everyone is a villain against Vader. His men are scared of him, his master might have killed his wife, the rest of the Jedi order, it could also show how the inquisitors were trained or captured.

    • Fluffy Starfish says:

      I would love this and I think others would but don’t think Disney would do it. It would need to be to dark for them to make it good enough

    • Dani Herondale says:

      slick vick which one do you recommend??

    • Shamoose says:

      The series should be called “The Chosen One”

      First episode starts with a flashback of him burning on Mustafar. Most episodes show stuff from the comics, a few things from rebels like the fight with Ahsoka. One episode shows some shit from a New Hope. Then the finale shows his redemption.

  10. Ash Stolley says:

    The “I HATE YOU” right when Jessi rises his weapons back up…

  11. Michael Thompson says:

    When my five year old son tried explaining the ending to his mom he burst into tears. I had to hold him for about five minutes to calm him down. Poor little dude really loved the clones.

    • Alexander Medeiros says:

      5 years old isn’t that young lol basic comprehension is already there….. And a 5 year old can get sad when explaining his favorite characters died…

    • Ribotto Studios says:

      @TheXhero22 children are WAY smarter than we give them credit for and can handle death in media surprisingly well. When I babysat a couple girls around 5-7 they wanted to watch Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End and I was pretty worried it might be too violent since it opens with a hanging but they were pretty chill.

    • Alexa Moonlight says:

      Michael Thompson its REALLY amazing how Star Wars touch generations

    • Veritech says:

      @FBi FBI I was 5 when The Clone Wars first came out, and I remember it bright as day. That show made my childhood.

    • Chad Morgan says:

      @FBi FBI actually that is when kids learn best. Why do you think people have issues when they grow up. Cause when they were young they were lied to because kids cant learn anything it’s ok to lie to em they wont remember. Hmmmm

  12. Ean Brown says:

    Lucasfilm has the idea to recreate the sequels

    Disney: “it’s treason, then”

  13. Nicholas says:

    i can’t wait to show my kids the star wars 6 movies and the clone wars. imagine being a kid watching the prequels and clone wars first, not knowing anakin becomes darth vader. how much more emotional would that be

    • DraceDaMoney z says:

      dennis true

    • cerg says:

      I think I’d rather have experienced Episode 3’s events from the perspective of TCW entirely. Episode 3 is still my favorite of the prequel films, but Anakin’s fall to the dark side is made a LOOOOOT more meaningful from the perspective of his padawan. Especially since it’s teased for so long and finally pays off at the end. It’s pretty sudden in Episode 3 because George didn’t spend enough time focusing on the small moments that contributed to Anakin’s wholesale disillusionment with the Jedi, and the fact that he considered himself above their ideology (“I don’t have such weaknesses.”).

    • Shafa Uchiha says:

      That’s how you give a kid emotional development problems.

    • V says:

      I like how you purposely said 6 instead of 9 because you’re just so cool for not liking the sequels

    • Lara Croft says:

      It would have been better if Padme didn’t name Luke and Leia as she died, so it would be more of a twist and you could watch the trilogies both ways

  14. Mr Dude says:

    Does anyone else feel that the sequels completely ruined this incredible story arc by bringing back palpatine meaning anikan did nothing to the force where if they just chose another villain it would have been fine

    • David Ataturk says:

      Actor should have turned the roll down, same as Luke should have walked on Rian

    • captaindog says:

      What they should have done was make Rey a reincarnation of anakin and kylo one of the emperor. It wouldn’t entirely make the sacrifice pointless

    • Spadeboi says:

      The sequels aren’t canon tho

    • Spadeboi says:

      @Aaron Voigt they have bad writing and kathleen kenneddy shoved in her stupid politics.

    • Roger Statistics says:

      Yes. They only brought Palpatine back because they lacked creativity. J.J. Said they brought back Palpatine because he was the villain in the previous movies.

  15. Patrick Sammon says:

    I would love an animated Vader series by Dave Filoni, but I also really want a Darth Maul animated series. To show his fall from being the leader of the Crime Syndicate to a broken down old Sith desperate for revenge. Also it’s kind of sad to think that this might be the last time we see Ashley Eckstein voice Ashoka. But if they do a Vader series I want Matt Latner back.

    • casual commenter says:

      No, Hayden would be so much better.

    • Scrawny Cheetah says:

      I think a live action Maul show would be best for that kind of story

    • Firenze 64 says:

      Just do it like clone wars, we can go from Vader, to obi wan, to yoda, to Ashoka, to maul, and maybe a few sidious episodes as well

    • Nugget Supreme says:

      I would like an animated Vader series in between episode 3 and 4.

    • DMisigoy says:

      Series or movie, I would like to see Maul on screen between his escape at the end of the Clone Wars and him being marooned on Malachor, right up to when he meets Ezra and tells him his story. You can even frame the presentation as part of him telling that story. If you can line up Emilia Clarke and Paul Bettany then it’s be especially cool to see it in live action with all the known players.

  16. Mauricio Apodaca says:

    One moment of silence for the droids that lost their lives helping Ahsoka and Rex escape

  17. Ahsoka Tano says:

    This arc is some of the best Clone Wars to ever be created.

  18. Austin says:

    Order 66 hurts so much more when you think of the line,
    “Loyalty means everything to the clones…”

    • Grivehn says:

      It hurts so much more with this deus ex inhibitor chip bullshit. Clones’ loyalty used to mean something, when they werent programmed to kill, simply obeyed the higher orders. Or didnt, as in some Legends stories is told. Clones could deny order 66 and some helped jedi escape. TCW took away even the possibility of that. Rex was the ONLY clone saved , apart from the few in Rebels later.
      While its sad to see friends turn on friends on programming its more impactful when its choice. This is just one reason why I dislike how Filoni made Clone Wars more kid friendly than it needed to be. The series fits the Disney narrative, but it basically never fit the Expanded Universe.

  19. FaZe Troll says:

    Ahsoka deserves her own movie.

  20. דניאל says:

    “It’s like poetry, it rhymes”…

    Skywalker died on the hot, lava planet of mustafar. Lived a dark, yet warm life.

    Vader breathes and lives cold, bringing his cold feelings to everywhere he goes.
    As seeing in the final scene… of the clone wars.

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