Close Tornado Intercept on I-10 Baton Rouge, LA 2-23-2016

Close Tornado Intercept on I-10 Baton Rouge, LA 2-23-2016

A weak tornado crossed the highway right in front of us and went on to cause damage in surrounding areas

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20 Responses

  1. Errol Allen says:

    While I was in my car the blue Saturn in the video the rain was swirling
    like a spout like a washing machine just around that area for about one
    quarter mile. In between the trees back and forth wanted to video but was
    driving. Never saw nothing like it. And just in that section alone.

  2. ben beau says:

    What tornado?

  3. MesoStorm.Net says:

    Nice catch, man. Very tricky day in so many ways. Keep it safe!

  4. seaweed anais says:

    Just survived this. Was actually scared for my life. This is coming from
    someone who survived multiple hurricanes. Never seen anything like it.

  5. De Bo says:

    That was a tough one to see until it passed to the left. Good job!

  6. Louisiana Dashcam says:

    I live in Abbeville. All we got was really heavy rain with hail and strong
    winds. It was terrible to drive through going to work. Hope everyone is

  7. Allison Graham says:

    I live in Gonzales omg I didn’t know it was this close but I can barely see
    it though

  8. HappyQuails says:

    I wish they could have just sat tight and record without dashing into
    stopped traffic and losing interest in their video.

  9. JayMc. Nugget123 (Jay Day) says:

    I was lucky enough…I think the news said one touched in Kenner,New
    Orleans and I was on the other side of town

  10. Guidance says:

    This happens when we turn to a Godless nation.

  11. Josh TheBrumak Fornville says:

    F*********k it’s heading right for NC

  12. Inu no Taisho (Lord of Dogs) says:

    Not the best cinematography, I’d say. Better a middling view, than to see
    frenzied camera movement. Maybe consider a rooftop mount perhaps. You guys
    made the best call in stopping. The other cars should have taken note that
    if the chasers are stopped, they should at least pause and consider the

  13. SuperchargedMind says:


  14. Double D says:

    Um am I the only person that only saw a cloudy windy rainy day? Lol I
    didn’t see any tornado.

  15. MattArchives says:

    Please notice how civilians recording tornadoes, while excited, don’t turn
    into these screaming idiot storm chasers who want to be more important than
    the tornado itself. While these guys are amazed at seeing a tornado, you’ll
    notice not once did they scream such buffoonery as:

    DRIVE! DRIVE!!! DRIVE!!! STOP!!!! DRIVE!! STOP!!!! STOP!!!!! DRIVE!!!!

    To this, I say thank you guys for making a completely watchable video.

  16. rockingout1018 says:

    so why did the tornado cross the road?

  17. Douglas N (IM4GIVEN) says:


  18. Eri Lopez says:

    what tornatic lol

  19. Nye Zye says:

    I didn’t see anything

  20. aTROLLwithBlades says:

    goldy plz