Club Nintendo – Scott The Woz

Club Nintendo – Scott The Woz

Scott realizes he’s in crippling debt due to spending thousands on Nintendo games but hey at least he got a fun Wii Remote holder out of it!


Music Used:
“Item Shop” from Donkey Kong Country Returns
“Honeyhive Galaxy” from Super Mario Galaxy
“Quilty Square” from Kirby’s Epic Yarn
“World 1” from New Super Mario Bros. Wii
“Coin Drop” from Nintendo Land
“Coconut Mall” from Mario Kart Wii
“Food Mart” from Tomodachi Life
“Special World 8” from Super Mario 3D Land
“The Great Tower” from Super Mario 3D World
“Double Cherry Pass” from Super Mario 3D World
“Space Junk Galaxy” from Super Mario Galaxy
“Creating a Mii” from Miitomo
“Main Theme (Daytime)” from Nintendo Land
“Breakout” from 3D Dot Game Heroes

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49 Responses

  1. Scott The Woz says:

    I recorded 95% of this episode a week ago, but I got sick a couple of days ago, so here’s a fun challenge: find any audio clips or scenes you think were recorded while I was sick you have 30 minutes go

  2. TheePurpleToaster says:

    How dirty is your toilet water soaked copy of Chibi-Robo Zip List by now?

  3. Pac- Man K! says:

    Thanks to this video, I felt like checking my nintendo and got a starfox 3ds discount. The game was already at 20, now it will be like at 12

  4. Fuzon-S says:

    My Nintendo is dead to Scott if Chibi Robo Zip-Lash becomes a digital reward.

  5. squarerooto says:

    i paused right at 2:28 and for some reason i lost it at Mario Clock. Don’t even know why.

  6. Sock says:

    Yep, I’ve got one Wiimote holder, one Majora’s Mask soundtrack, and one case of crippling loneliness.

  7. Slidejo Sirhaft says:

    I ordered back in 2007 a Pokemon Pearl/Diamond Calendar for 2008

    I’m still waiting for my Calendar…..

    • Redouan Amankur says:

      25 years hasn’t passed yet. Keep hope alive.

    • The Best Twins Ever says:

      *The sun is exploding*

      USPS Worker: Here’s your calendar.

    • TMP Misterixgil says:

      kingolight i think he is joking…

    • Slidejo Sirhaft says:

      @TMP Misterixgil well it’s actually true i really ordered the calender and it never arrived, but i gave the hope already after 2 Months up that i will get it, but i believe more the Calender got lost on our local Post office (because our Post office is terrible)… but i guess i will never find out the truth, i don’t know if i really should write them a Message ^^ it’s nearly 10 Years later now and what should I do with it today, i already got a costum Calender from 2015 and 2017, anyway im absolutely happy with Nintendos Costumer Service, the other stuff from club Nintendo arrived after ~1 and a half month usually

    • MindReader says:

      @Apollo do you have a link to that thread? I’m curious and want to see this lol

  8. Josue Tristan says:

    I only have My nintendo for miitomo (rip) and pokemon rumble

  9. Jon says:

    “Where did you buy this game?”

    “It’s pretty good”.

    I’d like to buy games from “It’s pretty good” game store. They must have pretty good deals.

  10. RetroGamingGenesis says:

    I’m pissed at younger me for not knowing all the cool shit they just gave out.

    I have like 40 wii games, and all those codes went unused.

    • cattysplat says:

      It really cannot be understated though how fast all the good stuff from Club Nintendo went out of stock and how expensive in coins it all was, you had to be buying serious amounts of Nintendo to afford them. Almost all the really good stuff would disappear within 24 hours, even during the 2002-2006 Nintendo VIP gamecube era where not many people were using the internet much. I would then see this stuff on ebay and used game stores for 100’s. The amount of time to open all your boxes, enter in all your codes on a crude slow website and keep checking back everyday for decent rewards was really frustrating, so I’m not surprised if most people just gave up on the service altogether. My Nintendo is obviously just for marketing it’s consoles to mobile gamers who likely don’t even care about traditional gaming consoles, they know the console fanbase is strong enough with the Switch to keep buying their games and re-releases anyway. Until that changes, the good rewards and especially the physical rewards from Club Nintendo days are truly dead.


      Are you me

    • Joseph Staley says:

      Dude same

    • Ptpix1 says:

      Dude same. Now I’m kinda sad. Especially since I could really use a case for some of my loose ds games

    • julianx2rl says:

      YOU FOOL!!! Argh, I felt that!

  11. Zed-X says:

    I found out about Club Nintendo a few days before it was discontinued… I got Flipnote Studio 3D… it’s pretty good.

  12. Owen Privee says:

    Club Nintendo is fine

    *scott the woz would like to know your location*

  13. Ruben says:

    He forgot to mention the fact the My Nintendo Gold coins expire after 12 months

    • GamerWho says:

      Not only do the coins expire, but so does your opportunity to claim them from your game purchases. Also there are more than a handful of games where the developers just kinda forgot to tell Nintendo they released physical copies, so don’t give you points. The whole system is flawed.

  14. NintenPlush says:

    Wait this is trending.

    That is too good for normal YouTube

  15. a dove that wants to become president says:

    My Nintendo: Who are you?
    Club Nintendo: I’m you but WAY better

  16. Sparkie says:

    I’ve still got my 3D world soundtrack from years ago, and you can’t forget the epic Yoshi folders that are still in their original packaging.

  17. Quentin Archpomple-Bigginsworth says:

    I invested all my club Nintendo points exclusively into Wii shop channel points, 100% the smart play

  18. RicBent says:

    In Europe it was never coins that were equal to 1€. You got star points and I don’t remember it being linked to a specific value.

  19. Not Straight Very Gay Catgirl says:

    I remember spending all my club nintendo points on kid icarus AR cards.

    No ragerts.

  20. iiNG _77_ says:

    Nintendo : not for resale
    Scott : buys it form Ebay
    Nintendo: surprised pikachu face

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