Clueless Gamer: Conan Reviews “Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare” – CONAN on TBS

Conan plays the latest “Call of Duty” and encounters his deadliest foe yet: a very busy public street.

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20 Responses

  1. Cyril Carisosa says:

    omg best review ever! im literally laughing out loud

  2. Patric Landström says:

    I think these “Clueless Gamer” are the most genuine reviews out there. And

  3. Benjamin Carlson says:

    laughed my ass off

  4. ctassell says:

    Why did the chicken cross the street? To show Conan O’Brien how it’s done!

  5. Joe Pieczynski says:

    +Larry Firepants +Evan Cobb 

  6. KPSacto says:

    Hold X to pay respect.

  7. Christopher C says:

    No offense, I thought Conan was going to shoot the president instead.

  8. grimaceKGZ says:

    The worst pedestrian in history of humanity

  9. s0ngf0rx says:

    but he didnt rate it :(

  10. Chris Diaz says:

    Warning: If you care about storyline and not knowing what happens in the
    game, you probably shouldn’t watch.

  11. Cameron Hartley says:

    Hold ‘X’ to cross the street.

  12. Travis Quiller says:

    I see Conan isn’t a big Frogger player either.

  13. EmG IAN says:

    where is the verdict?

  14. Bokul Bd says:


  15. visoredgruntR34 says:


  16. adam says:

    Review Assassin’s Creed Unity when it comes out please.

  17. Strelok says:

    kind of amusing, but totally meaningless considering he was paid to do
    this. his other reviews appear genuine, unlike this scripted fake shit.

  18. JDusmcJD says:

    Call if Duty Advanced Warfare teaches you to look both ways before crossing
    the street.

  19. FlyingM86 says:

    I played this game. This game sucks because it’s boring and ugly to look at
    after a while.

  20. vegiitable says:

    He totally forgot to rate the game in the weird way he always use to do in
    these series!