Clueless Gamer Super Bowl Edition: “Doom”

Clueless Gamer Super Bowl Edition: “Doom”

CONAN Highlight: Conan celebrates the big game by playing “Doom” with the Denver Broncos’ Von Miller, the Carolina Panthers’ Josh Norman & Marshawn Lynch.

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20 Responses

  1. gl15col says:

    That was a real sweet trophy – all trophies should have red skulls with
    staring, dead eyes…

  2. The Madhouse says:

    Hey, Conan isn’t wearing his leather jacket!

  3. Matt Snell says:

    Remember when this show used to be funny? When Aaron was a good
    counter-balance to Conan and they actually PLAYED the game and made some
    great humor out of it? This has really gone downhill since the Witcher 3
    episode which is unfortunate given how infrequent they come out. At least I
    still love watching the older episodes every now and then. The Smash Bros.
    episode still kills me.

  4. Brian Hansen says:

    the game is first out in may, is there a demo out of this game??

  5. Tophie Hughes says:

    Josh was smart. When you cheat, you win. Just ask Tom Brady.

  6. Travis H says:

    Same Jaguar sound from pit fall

  7. Arnold Schwarzenegger says:

    Face hud of doomguy with damage blood etc pleaseeeee

  8. warren byrne says:


  9. coca cola says:

    when they wore the hat, it reminded me of the dan and phil hat fic !!!!

  10. ianbowss says:

    This is probably the best thing I’ve seen in ages. Lynch just cracks me up!

  11. Lula Wolf says:

    The BEAST is back! Can we have a clueless gamer every week featuring
    Marshawn Lynch? Please and thanks.

  12. Edgar Fajardo says:

    The gameplay looks kind of boring, but hopefully it turns out like
    Wolfenstein. Simple, but really fun.

  13. Jacob Grossman says:

    Its 5:53am… damn you conan youtube clips.. you win again

  14. horrormutant - All Things Destiny says:

    conan should play papers please. he would roast that game so hard

  15. Bryan A says:

    Shit’s just not funny.. bring back Aaron.

  16. Robert says:

    Yes this is a 1st he is playing a game that is not out yet and had very
    little ads with it. Cant wait for the classic to come back out in a few

  17. TheOakAsWay says:

    I actually would love to see Conan with Marshawn through the streets of

  18. Manoto17 says:

    Should I subscribe?

  19. Tom Carpenter says:

    Nice hand-off to Marshawn.

  20. andrew jackson says:

    “That boy sharper than a fan” ???? lynch too dumb