CM Punk & MJF: The Moment the World Has Been Waiting for Didn’t Disappoint | AEW Dynamite, 11/24/21

CM Punk & MJF: The Moment the World Has Been Waiting for Didn’t Disappoint | AEW Dynamite, 11/24/21

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34 Responses

  1. JasonParadise says:

    AEW showing how a 20 minute promo to start a show becomes an all time classic segment 🔥

  2. Chiseled Adonis says:

    Professional wrestling won tonight
    This was an instant classic segment

  3. Eisūto says:

    It lived up to the hype and it was possibly one of the best promos I’ve ever heard!
    I’m so grateful for AEW, they’re giving us their best, week after week, they are definitely doing something right.
    MJF and CM Punk were both great, the amount of work behind must be phenomenal.
    The landscape of wrestling business is promising with the AEW taking this direction

  4. KalvinEllis says:

    Funny thing is that The Miz is the only two-time Grand Slam champion in history, while MJF hasn’t won a single title in AEW yet. Punk knew exactly what he was doing in more ways than one. 👏 👏

    • Funky Monk says:

      lol it was only banter, I assure you punk like mjf much more

    • KalvinEllis says:

      @Funky Monk What made you think I wasn’t aware it was “only banter”? You don’t need to “assure” me of anything, I never implied that Punk had a real-life issue with MJF.

  5. darthodeus says:

    This did not feel like 18 minutes of talking. There is a massive difference in starting a show with a 20 minute segment to set up the main event (on every show) and this absolute masterpiece. This was brilliant.

    • Matthew Minnick says:

      & it didn’t even set up the main event. It simply accelerated the storyline BIG TIME. Flawless execution. TK is showing that a fan of the business who is and has been VERY tuned in to every aspect for a long time, can be successful with creative direction. It also does wonders how a non scripted product presents vs a heavily scripted product. Top 3 if not top promo segment in history.

  6. VI Seconds says:

    absolutely FIRE promo!

  7. PKSparkxx DatHottneSS says:

    One for the history books! Two people on the mic with nothing but time and lines 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  8. Moose004 says:

    MJF is a generational talent as a heel. Guys like that don’t come along often. He’s just so perfect at it.

  9. Darshan Gasque says:

    MJF should win this fued and hand Punk his first loss. That would truly make MJF a superstar.

  10. Magic Mystery says:

    I never watched MJF before AEW but MAN, this guy is just absolute talent.

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