CNN reporter Omar Jimenez released from police custody

CNN reporter Omar Jimenez released from police custody

CNN’s Omar Jimenez is released from police custody after being arrested while covering protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Minnesota State Patrol arrested the team live on CNN air. #CNN #News

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69 Responses

  1. MixedByScience says:

    I’ve seen CNN in war zones untouched! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. lindamae aquino says:

    I’m just happy you’re safe Omar and the rest of the crew!!

  3. Throwback Channel says:

    By arresting Omar and his crew on live TV, the state patrol only made the situation worse and proving to Black Lives Matter protesters’ point.

    • Ron Pike says:

      Yes that is the plan

    • Thomas Park says:

      Ron Pike wdym

    • None nope says:

      what protesters? I only saw criminals rioting

    • nolies rebuild says:

      Protestors there have taken away from the tragic death that occurred by literally burning their own city. It’s no longer about mourning a death which should be the center of the convo. It’s now how to control people who have selfishly shifted the attention on themselves through vandalism.
      It’s good that cop is in prison now.

  4. FRMJ D says:

    “I don’t know man, I’m just following orders.”
    Wow, just wow. Talk about being left speechless.

    • Fry Szopen says:

      The, “just following order” argument is just a testament of how humanity will never change. Apparently “just following order” is a phrase that saves you from your civil and laws duty.

    • biden_dimentia2020 says:

      @The Clown Himself research the story. the police were clearing the streets and the crew didnt listen. look at the tape. noone is there besides the riot police and CNN activists 🤣🤣🤣

    • OldSkool Aqua says:

      @Dick Slang yea sick and are… karma is real.

    • OldSkool Aqua says:

      @Outbound Flight well that means their brainwashed… Morality and common sense is lacking in a lot of you sheep

    • Norman Peterson says:

      @Zonedout1220 Just like the onto thinking cult trumps supporters

  5. Jeremy Garrabrant says:

    JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS…where have i heard that before…

  6. JazePRIME says:

    Omar will release all the f-bombs he compartmentalized, once he gets home…

    • Javer Cooke says:


    • Norman Peterson says:

      @biden_dimentia2020 Wow a Russian bit named dementia. Are all youbrussians trump supporters thst stupid. Well trump has incited violence at CNN headquarters. Just arrested a bunch of white skin heads. Heil trump Heil trump.

    • Norman Peterson says:

      @Steve Jordan Who’s mental capacity.

    • R Rondon says:

      @biden_dimentia2020 How was Omar being a moron?

    • biden_dimentia2020 says:

      lol no one in the streets but a cnn crew and riot police. im sure they were following orders 🤣 nonstop fake news

  7. 66crowie says:

    I was just following orders!
    The age old excuse of absolving responsibility! 😪

  8. Arin Gokdemir says:

    Head of CNN probably got right on the phone with the governor and ripped him a new ass🤣.

    • Justice Brown says:


    • Invite The Light Readings says:

      Honey – Joe Biden can barely get anyone arrested you think the CNN head can get someone out. They didn’t have anything to arrest him for.

    • THE ANGRY QUAD says:

      Or got on the phone and made a deal to get his guy hauled in???? I just don’t trust any of this….. Out of all the reporters only this guy gets busted????????

    • Glowgirl says:

      I watched a briefing this morning with Gov.Walz. He admitted Jeff Zucker, the top honcho at CNN, called him as soon as he heard of the arrests.

  9. Marcy Francis says:

    He was arrested for reporting while black.

    • Rodrigo Conti says:

      @Mar Hurst the whole crew was arrested, including the producer, who is white. The streets were empty and littered with police. They seemed to be in the wrong place, wrong time. Yesterday people had the liberty to lit fire to the place. This day it was the time for the police to do their thing. This is how I saw it. I understand what’s going on, watched the live broadcast yesterday, but in this case I saw no racism bias. It is these fake escalations that lead to no good outcome.

    • Mena J says:

      Absolutely, this is embarrassing. Honestly I was scared for him. Thank goodness he is well.

    • Carlos Diaz says:

      Does this list ever end. Reporting while black: sleeping while black, jogging while black, walking while black, shopping while black, reading while black, working while black, chatting on cell phone while black, selling lemonade while black, birdwatching while black, being black while black, etc…

    • bot491 says:

      He wasnt arrested. Just detained

    • P B says:

      Other 3 were not. But probably seen as CNN fake news.

  10. Cojack W says:

    Get my guy a raise

  11. Dolores M says:

    “I was just following orders” ya that’s what Hitler’s soldiers said too.

    • forence29 says:

      @Richard Jansen I bet my salary you are another racist Republican….

    • pat says:

      Oh nice you where around hitler and his army listening in, please tell me more.

    • forence29 says:

      @Bruh _ by any chance are you trying to say that the cops in the United states have moral, dignity or values?!?!?! You must not be from here then!!!

    • PetePlayz - Norsk Gaming says:

      Bruh _ no, most officers/soldiers/people would follow orders even if they were violent, proven in several studies and occurs all the time.

    • Bruh _ says:

      forence29 I’m from here. I just think that we here more bad stories because the police that don’t have morals should be outed. But in outing the bad cops we push this narrative that all cops are evil racists because now the only time the police are in the news, it’s because they did something bad. What you and a lot of others are doing is taking a small group of people and using there actions to define a huge group of individuals.

  12. RenoEXP says:

    In December of 2019 I remember how everyone was so hyped for 2020 and then month after month was disasters, I’m afraid what’s to come from December of 2021 (Zombies, WW3, Alien invasion, Civil War) Goodluck to us

    • Lisa Tryme says:

      Fayt Leingod Someone said they think Trump is the Anti Christ🤷🏾‍♀️.

    • Andrew Saradi says:

      I want Alien Invasion…so we have no police no more to outpower civilians nor the law

    • Jeffrey Race says:

      No zombies or alien invasion. WW3? Possible. Russia or China may take the opportunity afforded by America’s weakness to invade other countries. The likely scenario though is civil war. Russia will interfere in the election, giving Trump a pretext to declare his loss to Biden invalid. He will try to get the military and police to join him but they won’t. Trump will refuse to acknowledge the election results and millions will take to the streets to protest him. Trump will call on his armed supporters to attack those protestors and kill thousands. Some protestors will fight back and Trump will say that the Dems are attempting a coup. The military and/or police will have to step in and will battle the Trump supporters. Scary enough without the zombies and aliens. Why? All because a psychopath became president and knew the only way to get away with the crimes he had committed was to maintain his grip on the levers of power. Trump will be the first time in American history that our country did not have a peaceful transfer of power. He is setting the stage for this everyday. No telling how long it will take, or even if, our country will ever recover.

    • oxxification says:

      @Lisa Tryme Trump certainly checks the boxes as the antichrist.
      “Let no one deceive you in any way; for that day will not come unless the rebellion comes first and the lawless one is revealed, the one destined for destruction. He opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship”
      “The coming of the lawless one is apparent in the working of Satan, who uses all power, signs, lying wonders, and every kind of wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.”

      I think we all know who the “Lawless One” is. The man who uses his power, lies, and every kind of wicked deception. He who exalts himself over every so-called god or object of worship.

    • KEVIN FULLER says:

      Grab your nuts, stick your chest out, an hold your head up high. Your an American not a sheep start acting like an American. This is a nation of laws learn them and learn how they apply to you as an American. Hint they do not apply to you at all. But do not take my word for it that is how we got into this mess. Educate yourself, think for yourself, then liberate yourself. That is the great awakening. Do not let them divide and conquer, that is the only way they can win. Think civil war and never let that happen again. That was divide and conquer by design. What war was ever fought over slavery? Think back before the civil war. Give up, NEVER. So it reasons to believe that the American civil war was not about slavery either. If it was black people would not have these problems today. Blacks were used as the patsies to start the war and claim it justified. More divide and conquer. We as americans really need to wake up.

  13. The Missing Link says:

    I never want to meet a police officer who says “I don’t know man, I’m just following orders.”…..

    • forence29 says:

      @Will Dockery ideally you are right, but in reality, well unfortunately evidence shows otherwise.

    • Sfb Rk says:

      So they should just quit their jobs and not be able to feed their families?

    • potato chungus says:

      I mean, you’re supposed to follow orders or you risk getting fired.

    • forence29 says:

      @Taz C. Storm in other words, cops have no moral, dignity or values, they are mindless robots!!! Hummmm interesting.

    • pissedpookie says:

      @PrinceJaxIsBlack What happened to those guys in 1945 and 1946 who tried to make that argument? Just for reference.

  14. Bess9779 says:

    This young man is a testament to his profession.

    • Mekonnen Haile says:

      The report is brave how he handled the arrest shows he is great person. The police they can’t learn anything

  15. Uncle Sam says:

    Looks like the law enforcement in Minnesota needs overhauled from the State level on down.

  16. Casey T says:

    “just following orders”
    Very dangerous sentence.

  17. A Compelled Passionate Rationalist. says:

    “I dont know man, I’m just following orders”
    Jesus christ man. That is literally the excuse nazi soliders used ffs, wtf is wrong with the USA

  18. Ricky Martinez says:

    “What’s happening isn’t new. It’s being filmed.”

  19. Kevin Brooker says:

    Omar, You are a hero for America great reporting! You deserve a bonus for sure!

  20. peachyparker says:

    Black person: literally does anything

    Police: _that’s illegal your under arrest_

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