CNN’s Carol Costello had to shut down Katrina Pierson: ‘That conversation was going nowhere’

CNN’s Carol Costello had to shut down Katrina Pierson: ‘That conversation was going nowhere’

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19 Responses

  1. Jason Reese says:

    Ineffective leader ? Lets see who’s running the country OBAMA is the leader
    so he is the weak and ineffective leader .CNN you just suck !

  2. Solomon Brooks says:

    Donald Trump has been relegated to being a mere Twitter Warrior now. How
    sad for a man with such an inner strength. I actually like his overall
    message, but he doesn’t have a clue. He has a great vision, but doesn’t
    have a clue. Plus his character is in morbid shape. His response to the
    Central Park 5’s proven exoneration is so 1800s. Its far too hard for him
    to admit when he’s wrong. I truly believe in his private thoughts he
    believes that he is inherently superior and anyone who disagrees is beneath
    him and even if you do agree are 99.99% likely of still being “beneath”
    him. In his private mind, I believe he honestly feels that way. I also
    disagree with how he handles Russia. Reagen would be very disappointed for
    us to not be strong and unwaivering. As a country, we are not living up to
    our potential. I think Trump would like to help and be the solution, but
    he’s no genius in these matters, just a very powerfully driven man with a
    lot of inner strength. Hillary will be the next President. I can only hope
    that at the end of her term, we will all be better off as a country. We
    have to come together fast, because the national debt has the potential to
    put the entire world in a very long Depression. We are the greatest world
    power in history, but at some point the interest on the debt will be so
    great it can’t be contained. Then what?

  3. Dave Dave says:

    That does it. Trump did some locker room talk so I am voting for the rapist
    enabler Hillary.

  4. Susan Constantine says:

    So, what about forgiving Clinton.

  5. ZIGSVIDS says:

    Trump,his family,his party,his surrogates & his voters are all scum.

  6. Peter Hallett says:

    His surrogates, including this one. said trump was ‘embarrassed’. Not
    sorry. But embarrassed that he got caught saying these things.

  7. chris fearless says:

    Katrina is deplorable. yes I said it.

  8. Tia Rose says:

    Raggidy Cuntrina Peirson did EXACTLY what she’s being paid to do besides
    being trumps house nigga, that is blowing word salad, and DEFLECTING in
    place of giving a straight honest answer.

  9. Brandon Walker says:

    It was an expression like “grab a man by the balls”, as in you can control
    them. He was saying because he was rich and famous, he could control them
    into doing whatever he wanted, not literally grab them by their privates.
    This is ridiculous!

  10. Audra Clementine says:

    If you’re stupid enough to know what the atrocities that Hillary has
    committed and focused on what Donald Trump has said then you deserve the
    next eight years of Hillary Clinton. You were likely the same people that
    were stupid enough to vote in Obama and get us into the mess we are in

  11. NanoNano 64 says:

    please ALL The Corruption & Lies & CoverUps & Media Bias & Censorship..And
    This Is All You Got. plus Bill Is A Rapist. but Let’s not Talk about That.
    let’s get Your Heads Out of Your Asses. you bunch of HYPOCRITES. THE
    Democrats Do nothing but bash. but Yet are the HYPOCRISY double standards.
    No One Believes CNN. breaking the LAW. Is Worse than Just Words.

  12. Jake Mcpersonson says:

    Funny how liberals are only prudes when it suits them. The Trump tapes were
    not talking about sexual assault. “Grab em’ by the pussy, They let you do
    When Clinton deletes 33,000 emails after she receives a subpoena to turn
    them over, the media says nothing.
    When the Clinton foundation takes foreign donations from Saudi Arabia and
    ripped off Haiti after the 2012 earthquake, media says nothing.
    When dozens of people surrounding the Clintons who were in a position to
    threaten them mysteriously turn up dead, media says nothing.
    When Bill has several alleged rape/sexual-assault victims who Hillary
    allegedly threatened into silence, media says nothing.

    But when Donald Trump made a crude sexual comment 11 years ago, WHICH
    EVERYONE HAS DONE, the media makes no effort to hide their bias. Yet people
    eat it up, because people are stupid, emotional, and easy to manipulate,
    and the media knows this.

  13. John Silver says:

    Angela Rye is not Black. She is a CNN fake. Put REAL Blacks on the panel to
    represent Blacks. CNN will only put their WHITE looking Blacks on their

  14. emiddio rossi says:

    Trump 2016
    fuck cnn
    clinton news network
    Hijos de puta coman mierda

  15. Robin Parker says:

    Katrina is trying to talk about the issues and Hillary’s wrong doing, and
    she’s being cut off..blantant bias. I remember when journalism use to be an
    honorable career. This is pathetic. They invite guest on the show and
    berate her and cut her off. Unbelievable.

  16. allan espinoza says:

    lol CNN is a joke , taken over by crooked Hillary , donald trump 2016

  17. Young Forever says:

    Rape culture is a myth created by women to act like they’re oppressed when
    in reality women have more privilege than men (ex. child support, hitting
    the opposite sex etc.). I’m no Trump supporter, CNN (Clinton news network)
    will never acknowledge everything Hillary has done.

  18. Eric Ramming says:

    anyone who calls themselves a Christian and then votes for Trump is a
    hypocritical fake asshole!!

  19. Carlos Rosa says:

    that Christian grace stuff, what a get out of jail free card. a bullshit
    dodge from taking responsibility.
    trump knows he’s blown it, so he’s going to burn it all down so no one can
    have anything, sore loser of the first magnitude