Coal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Coal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

We’ve heard a lot of talk about coal miners in the last year, but what are the real issues surrounding coal? John Oliver and a giant squirrel look into it.

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20 Responses

  1. Alex McCleod says:

    Miners I truly feel bad about job loses, I am the son of a former J&L steel worker and my family went through the same in Pittsburgh (the former steel capital of the world) years ago.  But here is the issue, coal jobs aren’t coming back, maybe in small numbers, for a number of reason, and no its not Obama’s fault many factors have played into this.  Just as the steel workers found out steel never came back it’s happening to coal.  Instead what needs to happen is the local community leaders, mayors and even governors need to reinvest in other areas.  Pittsburgh has become a leader in IT and medicine at one time steel was so important that the street lights stayed on in the city 24 hours a day because of the smoke from the plants was so think it as dusk all day for days at a time.  The county I grew up in, neighboring Allegheny which Pittsburgh sits in, was considered one of the most devastated in the country but has been growing the last 20 years.  Your leaders need to think long term and realize what is not what they want and hope to happen.  Miners sorry but you need to wake up and realize everything changes, steel, coal, gas, oil everything changes, either expect the changes and learn to live in the world as it changes or it will swallow you up.

  2. Toggle Hertz says:

    We should be using the Sun`s and Wind energy, not fucking coal … wtf America !!!!!!!! Why are americans so damn retarded ?

  3. Melancholy Dreams says:

    Are they mad? Coal mining is the worst kind of job imaginable. There’s a reason why they pay them so much. The job’s fücking shit.

  4. Sevenfold120 says:

    Assholes cut 3 million from healthcare benefits for their workers and gave themselves 12 million in bonuses. Fucking assholes.

  5. Tis Cayea says:

    Last Week Tonight really deserves way more credit for putting out their closing segments in their entirety, right after it airs. They essentially put their show out for free because they recognize how important their content is, which is honest journalism with a comedic twist.

  6. Ranting Reina says:

    Next thing you know, people will start to ask for the Milk Man back, polio, steam boats, and the Olsen Twins. (One of these are not like the other).

  7. PJ cubs says:

    I just tweeted at murray energy #EatshitBob

  8. apophis kingblade says:

    Honestly though… Why are birds?

  9. MnSXx says:

    “Eat shit, Bob” needs to be the new “Shut up, Meg”.

  10. Christophe says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Trump wants to kill YouTube in favor of Cable TV.

  11. rasjeff1 says:

    That’s why Oliver is the best in the fake media. Don’t fool yourselves mates, that was a fake squirrel. Squirrels don’t have that much money.

  12. XBLToothPik says:

    I’m a Trump supporter, my father was a coal miner and my step father is a coal miner. I do NOT want to see my step father’s job taken away, but I do hate coal, it’s terrible for the environment and the health of those involved and their loved ones, and unfortunately it’s something I don’t want to see go away because I know there aren’t many other jobs that will accept an older man, who dropped out of high school to get a job to raise his family and will pay what he makes (~$115,000 a year).

    And even being a Trump supporter, I watch John Oliver every Sunday because he’s painfully, but legitimately honest about this kind of stuff, it’s funny and I enjoy being able to laugh at how funny this sad situation is.

  13. DaaaahWhoosh says:

    So basically coal miners are screwed either way, but the way they’re being screwed now is both worse for them and for the rest of the country and the world. The problem is, as automation increases this is going to become a more general issue, if we can’t solve it for coal miners then just think how bad it’s going to be when cars/trucks/buses/trains start driving themselves.

  14. PhoenixofSun says:

    So basically instead of the leaders of coal mining companies being honest and owning up to the fact that the industry is shrinking, and thats the reason they are reducing wages and letting people go, they are choosing instead to blame Democrats. Coolio.

  15. Kim Jong Fun says:

    *You know there was a time when over 90% of the world’s population were farmers, now in the US only 1% of its population are farmers, that means in US alone nearly 300 MILLION farming jobs have been lost, why hasn’t Drumpf done something about that yet?*

  16. TheShot Doctorr says:

    West Virginian born and raised, and I would like to commend Mr. Oliver on pronouncing Appalachian correctly. Well done, Sir. Well done.

  17. Frank Nichols says:

    Trump supporters are the most brainwashed idiots on the planet.

  18. Chastity Boggs says:

    I was born and raised in West Virginia in a “coal town”. Thank you, John Oliver. Neither the President nor coal company CEOs care about the future of miners. Oliver is correct, if they cared, they would be finding ways to bring WV into the future, not keep us in the past. I’ve always believed this. These jobs have literally killed so many of us, my family, my friends, and Trump took advantage of financial desperation to gain votes. To gain votes and keep CEOs pockets lined with blood money. WV should want better for future generations, not ensure future generations have to stay dependent on a volatile industry for their income as is happening now. WV is truly a beautiful state and has so much potential, I hate to see my state hurting, but it won’t move forward until people broaden their perspective.

  19. Rachel Mariani says:

    People used to say that at least Hannity isn’t as bad as O’Reilly when it comes to misogyny, but the truth is that Hannity is just as creepy as all the other scumbags on Fox “News”.

  20. Jonathan Cangelosi says:

    Sean Hannity: I believe in God and faith!

    Also Sean Hannity: Hey hottie in the third row, catch me backstage.

    Hannity’s about as “Christian” as Drumpf is.

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