Cobra Kai Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Cobra Kai Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Every legacy. Every rivalry. Leads to this. Cobra Kai S4 premieres globally Dec 31, only on Netflix.

COBRA KAI takes place over 30 years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament with the continuation of the inescapable conflict between Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). Season 4 finds the Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang dojos joining forces to take down Cobra Kai at the All Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament… and whoever loses must hang up their gi. As Samantha and Miguel try to maintain the dojo alliance and Robby goes all in at Cobra Kai, the fate of the Valley has never been more precarious. What tricks does Kreese have up his sleeve? Can Daniel and Johnny bury their decades-long hatchet to defeat Kreese? Or will Cobra Kai become the face of karate in the valley?


About Netflix:
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Cobra Kai Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Faced with a common enemy, Daniel and Johnny decide to start working together while Kreese looks to the past for a new ally of his own.

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45 Responses

  1. Sensei Seth says:

    TERRY SILVER STILL GOT IT! And he’s living up to his name! 😂👏 can’t wait

  2. Aznromeo says:

    As someone who grew up watching the Karate Kid almost 20 years ago, the level of hype this trailer gives me will never be matched….

  3. cleverboy86 says:

    Johnny: “Nice ponytail.”
    Silver: “Thanks.”
    Johnny: “I’m joking, it sucks.”

  4. osiris292 says:

    F’n CHILLS – every trailer for every season. Love this show, the creators just get it and Terry Silver is the icing on a perfect cake. Lets gooo!

  5. Cobra Kai Kid says:

    “There’s always been a little Cobra Kai in you.” – Terry Silver


  6. Scenic Fights says:

    I’m hyped beyond words. Terry Silver is back baby.
    I predict Cobra Kai winning the tournament due to Johnny and Daniel being unable to fully agree on how to train Miguel.

    • aspreedacore says:

      @TheFlamingMantis I don’t like kreese cobra Kai but I got to agree here, the reason cobra Kai lost in the first place cause they where all offense with no regard for the defense of miyagi do, but now with Robby being a miyagi do 🐍, ITS OVER

    • Jonathan Carnagey says:

      So most people are talking about cobra kia winning..but what about the fact Dannial vs Johnny looks to be happening at the tournament..
      What if it sets up the return of MIKE BARNES vs Johnny

    • trey Williams says:

      @Joseph Aldrich Wrong

    • A Bir says:

      This is one of Netflix’s best trailers im too excited now 😆

    • Jhon Shephard says:

      @TheFlamingMantis considering this series mirrors US politics since 2016, no Cobra Kai will loose but claim to win. S1, slightly smug Danial (Democrats) thinks its all over and he has already won but Johnny restarts his old school(old school Republicans being disgruntled), then extremists come in in S2 and radicalize(Trump/Qanon), S3 is another fight where Miagi Do barely survives (2020 elections), S4 will be a mirror of an even more radicalized GOP fighting a collation of moderate(Danial) and fiery(Johnny) Democrats. Terry Silver is the Marjorie Green to Kreese’s Trump, .

  7. Victor Mariscal says:

    This season will be the best around. Nothing’s ever gonna keep it down.

  8. Abrahem Samander says:

    “Everyone thinks there’s only one way, my dad, you, but I know there is no one way. Only what works.” This applies very well to martial arts not gonna lie.

  9. Brady Barnett says:

    To think this started as a small youtube project and now has turned into something so intense. Can’t wait for season 4!

    • YoungMentalityy says:

      It was never really a small youtube project it had a big budget it just didn’t get too much exposure because youtube shows get a bad rep

  10. Zapping Top says:

    🤯🤯🤯 It’s good to see Silver’s back, and that’s because Cobra kai never dies 👊👊👊

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