Cochise – Tell Em (feat. $NOT) (Official Visualizer)

Cochise – Tell Em (feat. $NOT) (Official Visualizer)

Official visualizer for “Tell Em” by Cochise featuring $NOT

Listen & Download “Tell Em” out now:

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46 Responses

  1. Aarons says:

    so fire

  2. Miniklin says:

    Omfg been waiting way too long for this 😭🔥

  3. Cavyl says:

    i don’t even need to hear it to know it’s going on my playlist.

  4. MysticalRome says:

    Lets goo we did it boys. We bullied him into dropping it

  5. JAMES TESTA says:

    two underrated goats on one song…it cant get better than this

  6. Pointless says:

    Everyone saying the looped snippet was better then the official song is WILDIN

    • Zoe Butler says:

      @Kamaishi you spittin rn

    • ScoopyPoopy123 says:

      because they overplay this snippet.

    • Erbert Van De Steen says:

      @Chris_youre_stupid exactly, bass hit so hard my teeth were rattling. The subtle distortion that beat had at the mid/end was fire. It’s the same as miss the rage for me, bass and beat hit harder on the leaked versions but they both good as hell.

    • CoiNZ says:

      @Erbert Van De Steen that’s because on the snippet he was playing in through a speaker with a shit ton of bass on it

    • Erbert Van De Steen says:

      @CoiNZ I know that it was like that for the MTR snippet but I’m talking about the fanmade remakes so not using the audio from a snippet for the beat

  7. Trust says:

    This summer is going too good to be true, Cochise really gave us this after miss the rage. 😭😭👌👌

  8. GanyX says:

    more bass would’ve been perfect but this still fye

    • Thhhomas says:

      Someones definitely gonna make a bass boosted version soon enough

    • Elle says:

      i agree but to be fair the engineering person who did it probably did it so if people played it loud at the clubs when it comes to it the bass doesn’t completely fuck up the speakers cus obvs there’s a lot in the 808 patterns but still fire

  9. lol_cat says:


  10. The King says:


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