Cockroaches, Alligators & Other Weird Sources of New Drugs

Some of humanity’s favorite antibiotics are starting to lose their mojo, in the face of smart, sneaky, and rapidly-evolving bacteria. To find new drugs to combat these superbugs, scientists are looking in some weird new places, like cockroaches’ brains, the blood of alligators, and more.
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20 Responses

  1. Patrick Berth says:

    what would happen if we took all (or at least a good portion) out into
    space. but more specifically, the sun 

  2. Jack Lam says:

    ‘delicious brains’ ?
    Hank, have you been bitten by a zombie recently?

  3. Sana Qureshi says:

    SCISHOW: The only show that needs a 2 minute intro…..

  4. GUNS4MIKE1234 says:

    How about we just let ourselves get sick once in a wile and not get
    antibiotics every time we get the sniffles.

  5. Haggis Mc Haggish says:

    Go fungi! 😀
    kill those stinky bacteria :P

  6. TheJaseku says:

    1:25 LoooooooooooL xD

  7. cillian williamson says:

    thumbs up if you noticed his shirt is an optical illusion.

  8. Cristobal Ortiz says:


  9. StanVaden says:

    Longest intro ever, Hank.

  10. NotOnLand says:

    Next time I get sick I’m gonna drink gator blood and bite the heads off

  11. Jirshe says:

    yeah Alligators!!

  12. tankpuss says:

    “We just might find the next penicillin before the super bugs get the best
    of us.” until our better penicillin spurs the growth of super-super bugs

  13. Plague Doctor says:

    I reckon that there is a way to kill off germs with a specific molecule
    that will encourage a particular type of evolution. If we can understand
    the link, then we can create a evolutionary loop wherein we use one type of
    antibiotics for (x) amount of time, which encourages the evolutionary
    change to a different type of germ, which is solved with another type of
    antibiotics which encourages the growth of the 1st type of germ. Back and
    forward, ad infinitum, thereby locking the evolutionary process.

  14. fozzenlegger says:

    Are we not supporting you by watcing on you tube?
    The show is just plain awesome!!!
    But one request though: Can you please slow down your talking just a bit?
    You are way too fast for non native english listeners.

  15. Lukos0036 says:

    Hospitals should probably think about changing the chemicals they clean
    with as well, and using anti microbial surfaces where they can do the most
    good. I think silver? Or some heavy metals at least kill bacteria on

  16. Josh reimer says:

    so we can steal their secrets. *maniacally rubs hands together*

  17. TheHelleri says:

    So synthetic peptides are the next step?

  18. Catalin Puscoci says:

    Anyone else seen that white grid illusion in his shirt?

  19. 1337w0n . says:

    Step 1: invent bacteria-hunting tardigrades
    Step 2: there is not step 2, becasue you just *solved every bacterial
    diseases ever.*

    That one’s free. You’re welcome.

  20. RainAngel111 says:

    When it comes to fighting disease, I think we’re going to find better
    solutions a little closer to home. Specifically, we should be working to
    enhance our own immune systems. Antibiotics unfortunately are not really a
    great solution since they can always adapt to combat them. Our own immune
    systems are a for more adaptable and effective system. What ways are there
    that we can supercharge our white blood cells or increase our immunity? We
    need a solution that is as adaptable as the bugs we are trying to fight.