Coding Your Explosive Minecraft Ideas

Coding Your Explosive Minecraft Ideas

After adding a giant airship to Minecraft and blowing it up, I feel nothing I can code and mod would be crazy enough, so I did the craziest thing: asking for your ideas and my YouTuber friends’ to then add them to the game.

A modded Minecraft video like when doctor4t / RAT made a mod for ClownPierce and unleashed him on his SMP, killed a cheater with mods on Content SMP or turned Minecraft into a horror game to scare YouTubers.

Featuring @Fundy @Mysticat @Mogswamp @WinSweep @ClownPierce @asaihatsuyo @rekrap2 @ashswag

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Minecraft video inspired by content like Fundy and Mysticat with narration like rekrap2 and Parrot / ParrotX2 from the LifeSteal SMP.

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30 Responses

  1. rekrap2 says:

    This is the best modding video. Period.

  2. Mountain Doge says:

    I love how rat’s gone from arming supervillains and creating elaborate plots to just mailing other players pipebombs

  3. Marshmallow Cat says:

    normal modders: “time to make a wonderful modpack that tests the players skills”
    r4t: *”would you care to see the death of a beautiful world, my child?”*

  4. Yolbert says:

    The fact that you changed Fundy’s image at 8:29 after the Baby Bomb took off his hat is an amazing attention to detail. Props to you…

  5. Danny Dezendorf says:

    “Kind of a depressing end” Rat that was simultaneously hilarious and incredibly cinematic. Dude committed to making the sun explode just to have a satisfying end to the video, 10/10

    • Acircle says:

      Turn around with his back to the explosion, saying such a sentimental line. That was deep.

    • Aidan White says:

      make the sun explode again. the third time i bleive

    • Crimson Starlight says:

      Rat: *Proceeds to apologize for the most incredible ending to a Minecraft video that YouTube will ever see* (besides maybe the ending of Fallen Kingdom from CaptainSparklez)

  6. OtakuGamer - أوتاكو قيمر says:

    That’s so cool and well done! I know some of the features you did that were 2 seconds of the video took you hours, but that was totally worth it…

  7. rule0 says:

    Rat will 100% become a power hungry mad man in this vid i call it

  8. IcyNightMedic says:

    That ending actually gave me CHILLS with how good it was! You’re such an impressive coder!

    • Glashea Knight says:

      This is the kind of content I’m more than happy to subscribe for… I hope he makes more. ○₩○

  9. EggInOrbit says:

    You could use a lot of these ideas in multiple survival videos where youtubers have to survive. Now that you’ve made these things its an easy video for you to make and we get more videos. Maybe a series of multiple videos, Just a suggestion.

  10. Happy says:

    14:40 I like how Rat basically just added Ultrakill coin mechanics into the game

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